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can someone tell me if Lugol's iodine, one drop with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and one tsp.honey in pureified water cures lyme? It is helping me a great deal.

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2% Lugol's Iodine from Risingsun Nutritionial   by earlgrey   9 year

Best to take Iodine after a colon cleanse:

Parasite/Colon/Kidney/Liver Cleanse/Iodine

I take upwards of 5 droppers full and also body paint 12 droppers of 2% Lugol's (I usually drink psyllium husk powder in a cup of water few hours prior to Iodine so I worry less about the Iodine killing beneficial flora- but I think your stomach absorbs most of it, anyways)...I take Iodine when I feel needed and also takes breaks from it, important to listen to your body and not overload your liver and kidney from initial detox symptoms (was very severe for 5 weeks for me- basically had to stay in bed most of the time- released alot of bromide and fluoride- cloudy/dark urine)...important to take 200mg of Selenium in tandem or eat 5 Brazil nuts a day

Best price for Lugol's-

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Iodine & Lyme   by #183833   9 year

Your combination of Iodine + ACV is great, but, even if you're using 5% Lugol's, you're taking a very small dose of Iodine .. in comparison of what you could be.

Depending on how long you've been taking one drop, you can step it up. I've read many places that ~1 drop of Lugol's (2% or 5%, it doesn't really matter) for ~30 days, then you can increase by ~1 drop per day per week. So, weeks 1-4: 1 drop per day. week 5: 2 drops per day, week 6: 3 drops per day. so on and so forth until your heart's content.

Adjusting for any adverse effects, of course.

But, note that... backing off may not always work. Once you start to 'set off' certain latent infection-types (fungi, repressed viruses, etc), backing off might not work... but it should be the first thing you try.

If backing off doesn't work, increasing dosage may be what's needed to get out ahead of the new infection activity.

(Read: repressed virus 'breaks free', reinfects... is less Iodine going to kill it? or more? esp if it's infecting new cells and reproducing quickly. ie, more would be (temporarily) needed to get out in front of it... ...but, taking more may set off other infections as well, so, slippery slope)

Slippery slope or not, even taking 1 drop a day will eventually build up in your system to do essentially the same thing. This is why iodine is best build up pre-conception, in the womb, and throughout development. It constantly keeps up iodine levels and, thus, always make new infections very difficult to take hold.

Taking iodine as an adult, and, really, the older and/or more exposed the individual is, the different reactions one will have.

At that, again, it will happen at 1 drop a day or 100, it's just a matter of time until you'll notice it. That being said, if you're taking 1 drop a day, and have been for a while, you can increase. Increasing by 1 drop per day once a week is a 'safe' or, more appropriately, 'conservative' way to let your body adjust. ... but, after the first 30 days of starting to take iodine. The Iodide symporter creating thyroid cells need at least that amount of time to begin to ramp up production of the increased quantities of the symporter. ... from there it will build up naturally to match iodine/iodide availability.

This is what's 'perfect' for your lyme disease: as the Iodide symporter production builds up, your cells will begin to load with iodide. Iodine can & will go through the cell walls, no symporter needed, but Iodide can only get into the cells via the symporter.

Thyroid cells that produce the symporter have ~30 day life cycles, and the quantity of symporter that they make in their lives is more or less set at moment of cell division, but when they, in turn, divide in ~30 days, the next generation will adjust to the average amount of iodide that the previous generation was exposed to. This builds up generation after generation. but, since all the cells producing symporter aren't ALL synchronized to exactly 30 days (it's not like the 1st of every month every single cell divides.. they're staggered throughout the month), 'a week' will give a proper increase... it will 'stagger' the increase across enough days to let the increase happen quickly enough.

At that, once the symporter levels are high enough, then you'll get iodide into the cells... and, it's with the iodide being inside the cells that the cells are able to really attack the lyme (and other infections) that are inside the cells.

Iodine is great... it is 'more lethal', more reactive, and more effective, but the body is in such desperate need of iodine, and the very nature of iodine means that it will convert to iodide long before it reaches all cells.

Most cells end up building up with iodide, not iodine. ...but, they can convert iodide to iodine in order to use it... and iodide is still lethal to infections, just not as much so as iodine.

but, 1 drop.... is, after a few weeks, a pretty low amount compared to what you could be taking ... and, compared to what you'd need to be taking to effectively kill off the lyme in significant enough numbers... as well stay ahead of it should it begin reproducing aggressively again (such as with initial infection).

Aside from your microbiome adjusting (other infections & organisms), you shouldn't have a problem with this. Just be sure to take a good probiotic as well. Garden of Life RAW probiotics are the best out there. Despite the box saying 3 pills is one serving, one pill has more living organisms in it than most other full dose probiotics on the market... so... one bottle can last you 3x as long as the 30 days it's recommending. In fact, it's so potent that, after the first few weeks, I've established enough organisms in me (even with high doses of iodine) that I may take a (single) pill every other day, maybe even every 3rd day. so a bottle can easily last me 125-150 days (maybe longer) vs the 30 they recommend.

That being said, look into Dr Sircus article titled Iodine Dosages. Dr Brownstein himself has said in interview that he takes upwards of 300-900mg a day, and in some cases, when sick, will go up to 1g a day or higher... and that's himself. Once your body has built up adequate levels of iodine and has gotten used to handling it at dosages of about 15mg a day or higher, it will see 25mg and 250mg essentially the same, it will just me more of a good thing... and, really, even... 2500mg (2.5g) the same... though maybe with a slight adjustment in beneficial flora... again, insert probiotics here, and prob best at a higher dose. (they'll help fight infections too).

The body will simply urinate out iodine that it doesn't need or isn't using. Like vitamin B or C or something along those lines. It's just getting past the initial increase of iodine that's 'the shaky part' ... but, again, whether taking 100 drops a day of Lugol's or 1 solitary drop, you're still taking iodine at a higher dosage than your body is (likely) using it on a daily basis... and, thus, is filling up the back end cells that have otherwise been iodine/iodide deficient.

Eventually these 'latent infections' are likely to 'go off' anyway. If you understand this, you can speed up the whole thing, and, improve your quality of life in the process.

Separate from Dr Brownstein & Dr Sircus coverage, watch Dr Flechas' videos that are on YouTube. 1 drop of Lugol's 5% is just over 6mg. 2% is less than half that. He 'laughs' at how safe ~15mg a day is, and sets his daily recommended dosage at 12.5mg, and says that that is perfectly safe for anyone. ... and, again, laughs at how laughably low it is... like, how much of a wide safety margin is built into that low of a dose, but still orders of magnitude higher than the RDA set forth by the government.

If you watch his videos and read his body language and just pay attention to the larger context... you'll 'get' how humorous he finds these low dose recommendations... because, again, he knows that... once your body 'knows' how to handle proper iodine levels ... as well, once your body has 'filled up' with proper iodine levels... you'll simply pee out anything you don't need. Shy of ridiculously high doses... and, I'm talking levels I don't think you could consume anyway... and, doing so for very prolonged periods of time... you'd be able to get more iodine in you faster than your body would simply pee it out.

Again, there *are* adjustments to the microbiome that you undergo that effect health... you may kill good bacteria if you take too much at one time, or you'll fight back candida, or other latent infections... but, those aside, the iodine won't harm the human cells. And, in the dosages one would realistically take or maintain, even a 2oz bottle of 5% Lugol's a day would be laughably well below what your body could pee out... and that's get expensive fast!

The same applies to high doses of vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, etc... your body has a great way of handling high doses of things like that... and is very efficient in removing them.

Again, it's mainly just the transition difficulties, which, even at 1 drop a day, you'll begin to have eventually.

but, 1 drop a day is, as Dr Flechas points out, 'laughably' low by what is considered safe by those doing research in iodine dosages.
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Iodine probably is helping Lyme disease   by la0508   13 year

Iodine is often very beneficial for bacterial infections (which Lyme disease is). Keep it up.
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