Why are you suffering from malnutrition ?

Essential nutrients deficiency

high consumption of refined foods (refined sugar, flour, salt, oils, polished rice, corn starch, fat-free milk...)

poor food choices

mucus and parasites in your bowel - colon


What are the Main causes of Essential nutrients deficiency ?


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Main causes of Essential nutrients deficiency are:



Cause of deficiency 

The following table shows percentages of essential nutrients and fiber lost during processing whole wheat grain into white flour.

Work done  by Henry A.Schroeder M.D. and by M.O.Bruker M.D.


Mineral Loss (%) Other Nutrients Loss (%)
Calcium (Ca) 60% Strontium 95%
Chromium (Cr) 40% Zinc 78%
Cobalt (Co) 89% Vitamins B1,B2,B3 72-81%
Copper (Cu) 68% Vitamin B6 72%
Iron 76% pantothenic acid 50%
Magnesium 85% folacin 67%
Manganese 86% Vitamin E 86%
Molybdenum 48% Linoleic acid 95%
Phosphorus (P) 71% alpha-Linolenic acid 95%
Potassium 77% protein 33%
Selenium 16% fiber 95%


Polished rice has lost between 26 and 83% of each mineral present in brown rice.

Corn starch has lost between  26 and 100% of each mineral present in whole corn.

Sugar has lost between 83 and 100% of each mineral present in raw sugar.

Fat-free milk has lost all of its manganese and most of its selenium, as well as its vitamins A,D, and E.


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