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Clean up plan phase #1. Defining Outcome and Clean up Plan.

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July 21, 07

Off to a Memorial for Dr. Garry White.
The meeting where parts of this were presented went well.
I will revise and add group input later....


Resolving the Climate Crisis in the Basement:
The Basement Cleanup:
July and August 07

4:49 AM
July 21, 07

These are not normal times.

We have an intense infestation of biting buglife
in the basement.

We have odors that bring to mind mold.

We have intense dirt and dust.

We have a wall toward the South end the leaks in winter,
or allows in water if there is too much watering or rain.

We have areas that are so impacted that entrance is presently impossible,
and other areas are that so filled from top to bottom with boxes that
create the possibility of a fire hazard if we did not have Divine Support
at this time to summon action.

The Agreement we are invited to make to make now is that we are all Blessed to be living together now.

We Trust in each of us that we each have the strength
to Succeed through this cleanup. We are here to support each other and cheer each other on. We agree that we see this cleanup as necessary, vital, uplifting,healing for ourselves and this community.

The Agreement that I am asking as manager and vision carrier
is that those living here now will share the Vision of the Enchanted Garden,
as a name for our renewed Earth that can begin here and now through our taking action.

The Enchanted Garden is a name for our renewed Earth.
We have infinite support and abundance surrounding us,
and Souls around the world who are cheering us on now
to show what one Group can do.

There is no shortage of supply for us.
not in finances or helpers.

The Agreement we are asking is that we can count on each other for moral
support to summon the inherent strength of character we each have.

We each have skills to contribute.

Foremost is our capacity to express kindness toward each other
as we take on as a household this condition that is asked to be remedied now.

We will begin in steps to allow for each of us to get up to speed
for what is asked.

We are being asked to decide what we each want to keep.
We are being asked to let go of what we cannot keep because
their are higher functions being asked for our personal lives
and for this precious use of space.

The basement represents the energetic foundation of this house,
as well as our future to go through shifts in conciousness.

We will be asking others from outside to help during July and August,
but we will begin with ourselves.

We have cleared space behind the garage as holding and clearing area #1.
This area has been established with the help of no more
than four or five of us.

We will set up a holding area #2 directly North of this area where
the cane has been removed over a period of ten days with the help of four
or more people.

We will use the existing lumber to build temporary shelves to hold boxes.

We will set up a holding area #3 i
n the Healing area with more temporary boxes.
Any one who wants to may go ahead and
rent personal storage off site if they feel that their valuables
will be damaged from being on these shelves for a period up to six weeks.

One of us can investigate for the group nearby storage.
Timeline _________. Who ________. Estimated Costs_______.

This is the order of cleanup:

We will set up temporary shelves in the backyard outside where
we put boxes a week ago, or in the area behind the garage.
Cleaning area #1. Timeline ______

Suggested by Monday.

Monday, All things in the laundry area will be cleared.

We will use this first area as a model for working together as a group.

We will clear the blue shelf on the side that faces the laundry machines.

Timeline: Monday at dusk. Who will help?? ____________.

Our goal will be to experience taking on one area together
as a group and gain confidence through working together as a group
that we can take on the larger and more extreme yet vital measures.

We will take on as a group, the clearing and cleaning of the laundry area.

Everything will be removed, and stored on shelves outside.

All rags will be recycled into the blue bins. Timeline ____ Monday.

We will designate this side of the blue shelves for holding laundry
materials and other necesary objects to the function of the laundry
area. Timeline _______. Each person in the house may have one of these
shelves if they choose.

All clothes will be stored elsewhere. Clothes will not be stored
in the basement, in any part of it.

We will begin by removfing all storage of clothes in the laundry area.
Timeline by the end of this Weekend.

We will begin as a group as wash down of the laundry area floor and walls
and shelves. Timeline: Tuesday morning.

We will use community funds beyond 12 hour work trade or other work trades to pay those who will give additional hours of labor.

Any Volunteer labor from those living here, or other extended community
support is asked.

We will end as many days as possible during the cleanup with shared meals
together, music, and comaraderie.

We as a group are encouraging mindless letting go of non essential
materials that will not contribute to personal goals that are for each
person to determine.

We are asking Angelene to purchase Vibe raising essential oils
and products. Timeline ASAP

We will set up music player in the basement for encouring
and energy raising music and inspiration while we work.

Time line: ASAP

We are asking for elimination and opening of spaces for personal health
and as a demonstration of faith in the future of ourselves and this

Leslie will lead by example in this decluttering.

We will leave time for each of us to express before or after meetings
about their personal experiences.

We will listen to tapes together, and each of us will be invited to
share brief talks or inspirations to support cleaning up.

We are asking for each person to take responsibility their own life now,
and we as a group will support with materials looking at our lives as our
own creations.

We will work with intentions, and mastermind further how we want
the spaces in the basement to use to further income producing ventures.

This is the remaining order of cleanup
to be determined:

1- laundry area.

2- The walkway area in the front.
All the boxes will be removed. Timeline by Wednesday.
Help will be provided to remove these boxes to existing shelves.

3-We will set up additional shelves in area #2. Timeline: by Monday
or Tuesday.

4-The area across from tools will be cleared of clutter. Timeline___


The remaining shelves in areas #2 and #3 will we set up. Timeline ___/

By Wednesday of this upcoming week?

5- I am asking for all clothes in area # 6 to be removed.

Timeline____ Thursday of this week. Clothes may be temporarily
hung outside in area #2 from the metal bars of the existing stucture.

I am asking for the shelves in area #6 to be emptied of my things.
Timeline: Thursday and carried to the shelves in area #3.

By goal will be to eliminate much of these old boxes and reclaim
these shelves. Timeline _______.

This area of number 6 will entail protective overwear and/or
wash up in the downstairs showers.

At some time in August, likely the first or second week, the basement
will be cleared to allow for High temperature cleaning with environmentally
friendly water. Magic Carpet Cleaners will come in to do this work.

Timeline ________

All rugs and floor coverings will be removed before
this high temperature cleanup happens. Timeline___

All materials from shelves will be removed. Timeline____

We will purchase protective overalls and more masks for this cleanup.

Timeline _____. The outer coverings will be worn once we enter
the deeper areas of the basement.
More planning will follow.

Leslie and the Community


List of Volunteer helpers
and Financial backers for the
Great Earth Cleanup that starts here and now:

Joe the Farmer has volunteered that he will come
in when called with workers for an afternoon to move materials
off the property. Suggestion: A dumpster. Timeline____.

Necesary Tasks:

Magic Carpet Care and Rick Berri are owned a website as
promised By Leslie in trade for $400 of cleaning service
done a few years ago. Leslie will begin the website in
August, and alert Rich to the High Steam Cleanup.

This is a Sponsor opportunity for Outside
Community to support.

The Enchanted Garden Intentional Community aims to establish
a non-profit with services to local neighbors, the community
of San Diego, and give inspiration at large.

This is intended to be the home for the Essene School of Thought Library,
and Bernard Jensen library of materials and archives some that will
go to other places.

Draft ideas for Basement function:

The basement is intended to provide working office space
for the community that will be clean, well managed, and efficently used
for rent or barter with existing members.

Extremely limited personal space will be allowed for personal storage
within the basement.

All storage will be by agreement.

A library clean and clear will offer rentals of materials
from the basement and be for use by those who come for personal retreat
here to study Essene, Jensen, and Enchanted Garden materials.

We will have a beautiful kitchen that teaches others how to prepare
healthy foods and fun foods that are healthy.

We will serve the Natural Food Industry as a community that celebrates
Heart and Soul in the Industry. We will blog ingredients we use in our kitchen
and recommend to others.

We are moving toward being a self-sufficent sustainable community using
non-toxic products. We are moving toward full Earth Harmony usage with
growing foods similar to Findhorn.

We are here to provide a sanctuary for animal life that is part of our
community and birdlife that comes to visit.

We are here to teach and help students of life reconnect and plant dreams
and visions in harmony with Natural technology.

We are here to make our make on the present through having eyes on the
all good from the past and future.

We are here to demonstrate capacity to let go, clear, clean,and making the changes
that are being asked of rich and poor on the planet now to Recieve
and take in the infinite Love and Abundance that surrounds the Enchanted

The Enchanted Garden is the Return of the Garden.
IT is the Return of Eden, conscious.
IT is a bit of Heaven on Earth, here and now
located with walking distance of a 35,000 University
of students seeking deep inspiration.
A place where Medicine People, Space Clearers,
Feng Shui Practitioners, Workshop leaders come for retreat
and TLC.

This is a place for Students of Life to come
to learn how to reconnect with growing food.

This is a place where people can come and see fruit bearing
trees and foods growing by leading edge organic, biodynamic,
and permaculture principles.

This is a space consciously inviting Devas, and invisible forces
to happily carry out the Good Will of Humanity and find a home
and safe haven to retreat and do their good works for humanity.

This is a place for Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, strength
to naturally find itself, and Good Will among ourselves to be demonstrated
with respect for all Life Serving Paths.

This is a summer for Love--Love renewed through Cleaning away
and revealing the Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
that is already here on Earth.

draft one

6:10 AM
July 21, 07


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