Down, Down, into the Black Dark by YourEnchantedGardener .....

Facing the inevitable journey into the Dark Basement.

Date:   7/15/2007 11:33:03 AM ( 15 y ago)

11:17 AM
July 15, 07

Saturn Day...I am feeling really bad.

The Basic Meaning of the Eight of Spades

The Eight of Spades is the most powerful card of physical and will power. When this card is present, you will find yourself experiencing more power over your health and work matters. Success is indicated by this card, along with the ability to overcome any obstacles that may appear in your way. Power comes from a focusing of our will, a narrowing down of the areas of our interest. Because of this, we often lose focus in less important areas while we gather force in one.

Text Copyright 1996 by Robert Camp - all rights reserved.

9:16 AM
July 15, 07

Dark, Dark into the Black Dark.
Disturbing rest.
Felt under accack yesterday.
Met up with inevitable resistance
to cleanup, not as bas as it could be.

Yesterday: That was Day ONE.

Reclaiming Space.

Paris, Sweet Paris,
highly Valued...

I woke up during the night feeling dust
in my lungs,
we need to wear masks when we do this work.

Helpers, yes!

Taamir morning shift.
Scott...a few hours
breaking the cane.

Paris and I
and then with Taarim surveying
part of the basement.

Down, Down, into the Space
of having to Reclaim Space.
for the King of Hearts....

She never asked for all this Space
in the basement; she just took it,
and now the Ace of Clubs, that's me,
needs to be the Boss.

I do not feel comfortable
in the position even yet.

Looking, looking, at the weakness
of the foundation, inside myself,
in the playing out externally
of mass of boxes and all the stuck
unaliveness mixed with mildew,
and bugs that bite.

9:22 AM


Cleared more space where the boxes will go
behind the garage.

Cleared cane into barrels.

Call and remind, Environmental Services.

Ask Norah, What is the name of that place
where we took the Monitor.

Craig's List.

I asked the King of Hearts
if she would sell me a box of her
magazines....she raised her voice
"Not at any price!"

This are Her Valuables for art!!!@
There is so very much of these boxes
and she wants to sit, leisuring
underwhelmed giving each magazine and
paper its due.

Should I toss that one?
Should I save that one?

The backyard is full of boxes
and there will be a TON more
to reclaim the basement.


You would not have so many boxes
if you had to pay for storage,
I wanted her to understand.

She has Taken all this Space.
IT was not Given.
She could not afford all this Space
if she had to pay for it.


The Deepest Darkest places in the basement
are filled with her things. Piles upon piles.
The whole East end...three enormous Spaces
in the semi moist wet.


Then there is the Middle Ground,
near the corner window, we want to Reclaim


Call the City Environmental now.
(858) 694-7000


Recycle San Diego,
Drop-off site: 7716 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111

Leslie, do not die for this,
please Leslie...
You have a Sales Tax Report due.

You have to get on top of your finances.

The EG Mobile, hopefully will be due...

You have a deadline of August 1,
if you want the Pac Sym to be a moneymaker...

Start a Blog on that one...
Pacific Symposium 07--Overview.

Altar Photos...

Start going to PCOM for appointments...
come up form the Dark..

Get help from Judith...


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