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FIC update...Fellowship for Intentional Community

Date:   6/26/2007 6:16:00 PM ( 15 y ago)

Greetings youreg, editor for Enchanted Garden,

We have added a new feature to our Online Communities Directory (
) that we wanted to let you know about.

In an effort to allow readers of our Communities Directory to share their experiences with others, readers can now post public comments on community listings on the Online Directory. We hope that this will be a valuable service to community seekers and all those reading our site.

By default, all comments must be reviewed by a community listing's editor before they are displayed to the public. You can also choose to have your listing allow all comments without review or to not allow any comments. Your selection from these three options will be displayed to the reader.

To choose from among these options go to:


Our hope is that comments will be informative, accurate, and polite, but we recognize that this may not always be the case. This system will allow editors to not display comments that are inappropriate in some way. There may also be cases where well-intentioned comments could reveal information about your community that you would rather be kept private (such as a composting toilet that doesn't meet building codes).

Despite these potential issues we encourage communities to consider choosing to display all comments from readers. We hope that doing so can create a culture of openness and trust among those using our site.

As a listing editor you will receive an email within 24 hours of any new comment posted about your community. In order to review comments you must go to:


and check the box next to each comment to allow it to be publicly viewable.

The email address of the reader who has commented will be provided so that you may contact them if you wish.

For more information you can see the link above or the Reader Comments section at the bottom of your listing:


Tony Sirna
Online Directory Coordinator

The Online Communities Directory is a service provided by the FIC and is free to all visitors and there is no charge to list your community online or in our book. Updates on the Communities Directory website will also be applied to the Coho/US website at



TO SEE THE LISTING for Enchanted Garden go to:




Your username is youreg

If you have FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD, you can get a new one by entering your email address at:


This email has been sent to you because we have you on record as a contact person for your community. The FIC plans to do future mass mailings regarding the online Communities Directory no more than once a month. To be removed as a contact for your community and thus to receive no more of these emailings, please email directory@ic.org to let us know.


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