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I feel unnerved.

Date:   6/22/2007 7:17:37 PM ( 15 y ago)

5:09 PM
June 22, 2007

One of my housemates has the Big C.
She is fighting for Life, and is concerned
she could come down with an infection.

She is in Chemo.

We have been working on the Upstairs Bathroom.

Scott made some repairs and got some paperwork
as far as costs of new materials.

There is a mold problem behind the plastic
we will replace.

She is deathly afraid of mold.

Rainbow Works, AKA Rainbow, AKA Donald
is my Handyman and Plumber. He is an old friend and ally.
Lots of good feelings between us.

He has been able to handle most things at the house.

N. is concerned that we need a professional contractor.

I am getting this notes on the board,
so I am writing

"Be at Peace.
Rainbow is a professional."

It is unnerving to me.

I am concerned that I have set aside three months for this
major Earth Cleanup.

I find myself needed to rest a lot these days.

Part of it is the stress that goes with being out of Action
as I was for the first six months of the year.

I am not at peace with these notes.

I already had to handle one other situation
today involving N and another housemate,
as well as working with more materials to define
what needs to be done.

I am suppose to go to the Del Mar Fair tomorrow.

I just came back from mailing my backup C5050 for repair,
and forgot one page of a FAX.

I am unnerved and in my Mercury Retrograde.

The EG Mobile is not exactly acting out,
but I can feel her calling for Attention when I start up.

Going back to Michael's to FAX and then the FM.

I want to get some lettuce to show at the Del Mar Fair.

I am more inward than outward right now,
definitely edgey and questional my stability.


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