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Keeping the Dream Alive! Bernard Jensen

Date:   4/10/2007 2:04:50 AM ( 15 y ago)

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Keeping the Dream Alive! Bernard Jensen

Dr. Bernard Jensen's birthday is March 25, 2005. His work is about to take a quantum leap again. I am starting an "Virus Marketing" today to spread the word that Hidden Valley Health Ranch is for sale. I am asking people to call Tom Wootton, the present owner, at 760.749.5719, and express your support that this land come into good hands that continues Dr. Jensen's legacy. This is the third day of the Natural Products Expo West. I am moving into Enchanted Gardener mode. It is 12:55 PM and the show goes until midnight tonight and tomorrow until 4 PM. I am coming into my stride...`

Today is the third day of the Natural Products Expo West. I am coming into my stride. I have recovered sufficently for tiredness to start spreading the word here and everywhere that the legacy of Dr. Bernard Jensen is a powerful one, and his message is essential to be heard by this new generation of
health seekers.

In the old days, I was the ghost writer for a number of his books,
including Healing Magic Through Chlorophyll for Living PlantLife
and Survive This Day. I helped draw in the people who put together the Bowel Management book that is so well known and
reprinted on

I sense that Dr. Jensen will now become my Ghost Writer so to speak. I am going to start putting some of his early teachings out through this Blog.

I am excited to be spreading the good word that Tom Wootton and his wife Ellen Neavous, the present owners of Hidden Valley Health Ranch, would like to sell that place. They would like Dr. Jensen's home to be placed in the hands of a person who will preserve the legacy of Dr. Jensen.

I am asking that everyone start spreading the word.

I am asking people to call Tom and leave a message of thanks
that he and Ellen want the land to come into the right hands.

I am leading a tour of the land where I, and so many others received so much healing, on from 11:30 AM to 3:00 PM on March 26.
This is a day after the birthday of Dr. Jensen.

Anyone who wants to come on the tour should email me.

I will send directions and details.

The ranch is in Escondido CA, up in the mountains.
We are starting an endowment to preserve this wonderful Enchanted Garden, and see how a Trust can be created.

For more about Dr. Jensen, please see the link from
my main site.


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