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Hulda Clark Speaks

Date:   4/10/2007 1:58:32 AM ( 15 y ago)

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Hulda Clark Speaks

Hulda Clark is a speaker
this weekend at the
Health Freedom Expo in
Long Beach. I see
Clinton Miller is on
that program.

12:07 PM
March 1, 2007

Just looking over the website for
Whitman Publications.

I heard from Lynda Clay,
who worked the front office for
Dr. Bernard Jensen for four years,
and 19 more with son Art Jensen
that "The Chemistry of Man,"
the highly sought after book
where Jensen describes the 16
or is it 20 Chemical Types,
is NOW republished.

This information is so new
that this info in now even on their web site

Tracy Perry, who works in customer services
for Whitman Publishing is sending me a review
copy of the book.

That's interesting.
I could send her some of the original drafts
of materials that went into that book.
I was one of the original editors.

Isn't life funny.
Look how it goes full circle.

I will be anxious to see the new editon.
If you look on the web for "The Chemistry
of Man," the original collectors edition sells
for hundreds. I have two copies in my library.
one with a broken binding.

I see where Whitman Publishing
makes available a couple of the Dr. Jensen
Iridology Charts.

I understand they are associated
with Trinity College of Healing:

I see where they offer a 40 hour course
in "The Chemistry of Man."
They offer long distance learning.

Hulda Clark--so very popular here on
Curezone in the Forums is one of the
speakers this weekend at the Health Freedom Expo,
Kurt Donsbach's show.

I heard about that show for the first time
from Larry Jacobs, creator of the Bodyslant.

Larry is an old friend of Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Here is the link to the Speakers
for the Health Freedom Expo.

Dr. Jensen is looking over my shoulder
right now, and Joe the Farmer is looking
at him in a photo with arms outstretched
offering a ripe strawberry.

I better get back on purpose.

For those of you who want to catch up
on the Joe the Farmer materials,
the book I am currently working on,
here are the links.

When I clicked on this Health Freedom Expo
event at the Long Beach Convention Center,
I could see that if Dr. Jenser were still embodied,
he would likely be one of the keynote speakers.

This show looks like a new edition of the
National Health Federation, one of the old
shows I would do.

I was personal friends with a sweet elder,
God bless him, who kept that show alive.
Patrick Von Mauck.

If you look over the schedule for
this Health Freedom Expo,
you will see the name of Clinton Miller.

I go way back with him.

The first time we met,
I was flat on my back with
Psychic Surgeon Feliciano
of the Philipines. I could not
spread my legs apart more than 1/4 inch.

I would see Clinton over the years.
He was a witness to my health improvements
out of crippling arthritis.

I would like to see him.

I have less than 2 1/2 days of work time
before I leave for the Natural Products Expo West.



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