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Enchanted Gardener Month We need to have a national Enchanted Gardener Appreciation Month. I will have a conference and invite various Enchanted Garden Members to bear witness to how I helped Chill Out Global Warming.

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Enchanted Gardener Month

We need to have a national
Enchanted Gardener Appreciation Month.
I will have a conference and invite
various Enchanted Garden Members
to bear witness to how I helped
Chill Out Global Warming.

February 27, 2007
3 :14 PM

Just got out of my accupuncture appointment.
I am down here at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine Library
in Mission Valley.

Did you know that a few days after "The Secret"
was on Oprah, she had here first ever acupuncture on the show
by a student in the Doctors program at PCOM?

They have three campuses--San Diego, where I live,
Chicago, and New York.

I just overheard two students saying
"He is the best photographer I ever met!

I thought maybe they were talking about me,
or at least I hoped.
Boy, am I needing some strokes.
This working night and day routine
is getting to me.
I still have some pathogens on top of this.
There is a part of me that feels like crying.

Turned out the website for the photographer is:


Then I started to Blog an idea I had
ten minutes ago:
We/I need a National Enchanted Gardener
Appreciation Month.

Then, Deb Davis sat down to compute
right next to me.

She commands, "Give me a hug!"

Thank you Universe.
That is the first female attention
I have had since January, other than
some loving from Mother Earth.
Gardening does that, but I haven't had too
much of that either.

Deb is the organizer of the
Integrative Medical Discussion Group
here at PCOM.
There next meeting is
March 16th with the Center of Integrative Psychology

I am not sure she knows where.
Deb is a mother. She has the sweetest little girl.

I was doing some Enchanted Garden outreach
up at last Falls Whole Being Weekend and Deb
came up to me with the little child. I took time
to string one Job's Tear on a necklace.
Mom told me that duaghter did not want to take
it off for a long time. The little child was very shy.
I was very respectful, but still in my Enchanted mode.

I have really been giving a lot, but at least most
of it is going into no more than three projects...
Yikes...maybe more if I count.

Lots of technology asking for attention too.
The photos I took on Sunday at the FM
of Joe the Farmer, Spinach, and other farmers
and volunteers for the upcoming Cultivating Social Justice
conference this Saturday, did NOT show up
when I attempted to upload into my Mac.

No photos. Get it?

Great. Here I am to be the main photography
for the Organic Trade Association in March 8,
the important photo assignments of the year
for me (I don't do too many), and I take some
important photos, including Spinach as requested
by Amy Summers.

Nilch. Nada.

What would you do?

Luckily, this is not the first time this has happened.
Luckily, about a week ago when my Original Olympus C 5050
battery compartment broke, I went hunting all over my room
for the external adapter. I found that in my organized photo bag
of accessories that was in the right place. I had forgotten
where that place was.

So I already had the Adapter,
and I already had a Photo Recovery Program
installed on the Windows 98 PC.

Of course, the last time I used that program I gave up.
I could not figure out why the images did not show up.

I really wanted those spinach pictures.
I glanced over at the Zohar and looked around
for some Holy Book to touch. I only took time to look.
Then I attached the C5050 to the Old PC.

I was working at the Mac and PC back and forth.
I gave the PC all the time in the world it needed
to upload the entire Compact Flash Card.
There were more than 664 photos.

I could not see any of them, but the PC indicated
they were Found Images.

While I was doing this, I was emailing Amy Bovaird
photos, and putting on the back burning my uncomfortable
feelings that ally Anthony did not seem to read my entire
email of a day before. I was asking for some funding
for all these hours of labor. On top of this, I took the
morning to get out of my system emails to Mark's staff.
Seems there is still some energies out there that
I did some inappropriate behavior at last year's Marketing MEGA.
I asked to clear some of that some time in March.

I am totally wanting to hear that feedback.
It is not beyond me to be inappropriate at a Conference,
but some of that could be misperception.

I had at least five infractions at that event.
It was a living nightmare.

I was coming off six months of near isolation.
That event was my first event of Spring. I was hardly
over diarrhea and IBS that had been gong on for at least
six months.

I was exhilarated to be let into that event by Mark,
but I came up there not knowing if he would invite me
in as his guest. He rarely has guests, unless they are
the speakers or very close friends I imagine.

I wonder if I could count as former speaker?
I have been on stage once, and read a poem at
a VIP luncheon once.

In any case, Mark had a new Security man, Dan.
He had a miliatary background.

I showed up with Joe the Farmer berries.
I was offering them up to some of the Trade Show
Vendors who pay a lot to show their services.

Dan watched me do this.
I was instantly deemed a Personal Non Grata.
What was I doing handing out strawberries????
Was I some kind of Terrorist????
That made sense.

Five minutes later, I was approached not
only by Dan but the Security for the Westin Hotel.

I was asked to leave.
I went into my wallet and pulled out business card.
I let it be known that Mark had already invited me to be his guest.
That happened five minutes before that inside the room.
He was most gracious as he generally is, and very honoring.

So here I was with the two Security men.
I said, "Please take my card and show it to Mark.
He will explain that I am welcome here."

They escorted me to the Lobby
while Dan took my business card in to his his boss.

Sitting there in the Lobby, I was feeling calm.
I remembered that I had already had two marvelous
experiences at the Westin.

The first was with Dr. Jensen.
He once had a wonderful seminar here
with a room ful of doctors. I was, of course,
his guest. There was seldom a question of that
althought for many years, his wife, Marie, could never
figure out of what use I was. Over the years, she got to like me.
I mean, how many gestures of kindness and love to do you have
to express before a wife--or a Bosses Executive Secretary---
gets that I am an ally, and doing something Good
for the overall Program, but what the heck am I doing?

A good question.

Who is Your Enchanted Gardener?
What is the meaning of all these lettuces that he shows up with?
Wny does he walk with a cart generally in front of him,
filled with baskets. What is that wreath doing on the front of the cart?
Why about all these fragrances coming off him?

Mary Book Mark, an old staff member I use to see
at some of these events, once said I was a walking herb garden.

She liked me.
I haven't seen her in years.

I have gone through three Executive Secretaries with Mark.
The first was Laura Rush. She was the easiest to love.
Once, I was on my way North. Andreas and I stopped
at Mark's office with a plant for his desk and some flowers.
Mark was not there, but Laura was very gracious.
She showed us Mark's office. I ever have a picture
sitting in a King's chair. I have an Elfish look on my face.
The chair is about five times my size. I am embarrassed
to show that picture now a days. I feel like maybe someone
would think I had stolen into that office. I was actually invited.

Later Mark sent me one of the sweetest hand written notes
of thank you for that plant.

Our plant dealings go back years before that.

He was always extending himself to me, way before
the Chicken Soup Days. I remember once, on the day
that I heard Shlomo Carlbach died, the dear rabbi,
and a friend, Mark was speaking here in San Diego.

I went down to see him. He was promoting herb products
as well then.

He gave me a whole bag of books that he sold to others.
Such kindness. Such authentic heart felt generousity
from my heart to another!

I took a picture of him that day with a lettuce plant.
I later collected the seeds and replanted them.
Mark would say, I named a plant after him.

He has always been the most gracious of hosts.
If we show up, he often will introduce me as his Enchanted Gardener,
or at least The Enchanted Gardener.

Once, when Chicken Soup was coming out,
the night after the Big NIght when I took the famous pictures--
I believe it was that year--or maybe the year after--
Mark marched me around the HCI private party.
He asked me to do my Plant Your Dream work with
each person. He uplifted me a Mile HIgh that day.
I knew I would be published by HCI in that moment.

Jack Canfield was in the room that day too.
Jack I had known before I ever knew Mark,
way back to the early 80's from the Mandala Conferences.

It was in those early days--right after that event
that I took the first Chicken Soup book to a stream,
opened its pages, and had my picture taken.

I planted the dream that Chicken Soup for the Soul'
would sell millions. I felt it had it in it.
That is one of my most successful seed dreams.

Mark's second Executive Secretary was...
my mind is tired...I will look up her name later.
She was cordial at first. Later we had a few run in's.
At that first event, one of the first Book Marketing Universities,
I believe it was near the LAX, I arrived a day or three
after the NPEW, the same show I am headed for in a week.

I paid to get into that event. I could not reach Mark
before hand...that is the pattern. I can seldom speak to him
between events. He is either too busy, or unavailable.

So I paid my way in the door. It was more than $600.00.
That was a real stretch for me. I arrived with my camera
and charm. When I took that first picture of Mark with
the Chicken Souper who wrote the Gardener book, and
his Exec Sec, Mark said something like, "Well I think
will keep him around!" in other words, I was a Keeper.

That show had its highs and lows.
The MEGA events generally do for me.
HIghs and Lows.

Mark was again profoundly generous.
I asked for a table to show my things.
He was obliging. I had a little table from the Hotel.

I spent a lot of time taking photos.
During that show I had little trouble charging
for photos...$20.00 each at a minimum.

I even created some $100.00 photo assignments.

I met Chip during that show. Chip is an elder
who coached Mark when he was in bankruptcy.
Chip liked my style. He was from New York.
I had a few of the Seven Love Cures going then,
I believe. I had a few women get in the picture with
Chip. His eyes rolled back. Most men love to be
in a photo with a pretty woman. In that case,
I knew the woman already. I asked her to get close.
That made Chip and I eternal friends I am not sure
where that relationship stands now, but that is
another story.

It was in that show back then that I met
some other great friends that I still have to this day.
I met the head of the Teechino Herb Coffee company,
Carolyn MacDougal. Her boyfriend at that time
was Marshall Thurber, who was a major business mind
and part of the Buckminster Fuller tribe of admirers.
Mark loves Bucky Fully, the Visionary.

Marshall was for a number of years, an unacknowledged
major contributor to the words in the One Minute Millionaire
book. Most of the books that Mark and Jack put out in that
Chicken Soup series are of course edited by others. Marshall
just happened to be the mastermind that was part of the
Millionaire original ideas. I know he is fully acknowledged for that now.

I also met Marshall's son. I believe his name was Rider, or something like that.

I also saw some other New Age Celebs there, and took their photos.

That was the show I took Patty's photo, his wife.

I believe that was a number of years after I had been to their house.
One year, right in the beginning of the Chicken Soup Era, he invited
me to be the photographer for his Re-Wedding. That was a time
I visited his home and saw his gardens. His two girls were little children
then. Peter Vegso. the head of HCI, was there that day. I had already met him from
earlier Book Expos.

Flash forward, where am I now????

Today I was making a bouquet of flowers here at PCOM.
I was feeling a bit emotional.
Joe the Farmer provides this flowers for the clinic.
I bring them. The school uses me as a model, so to speak.
I receive needles in the triangle deal. Then once a year,
I do the Pacific Symposium Enchanted Garden.

As I was making the bouquet, I was in a high mood
of inspiration. I came up with the idea of
National Enchanted Gardener Appreciation Month.
The Kickoff would be a Day long Speaker event.

I am still having some suppressed feelings.
Mark said he would call me on the phone a few days
after the last MEGA Inner Circle event.

I did hear she voice about four weeks ago
on a Saturday call at 8 AM with hundreds of others,
but it hurts that I did not get that call as promised.
I can let it go. It has bigger things to do.
He is really in a position with some help to pull off
some of the amazing things he would like to do.
Some of these include planting billions of trees.

I am sure I could be the point man for helping to make
the MEGA events Green with organic food.
So can others. That is my current Seed Dream for Mark.
That he make these MEGA events Green with locally grown.

For now, there are more clearings that can happen
between me and staff.

The question remains, who is this guy who shows up
and asks so much?

Deeper, deeper the issues go about my appropriateness,
deeper than showing up with strawberries.

I will with grace appreciate that I am the creator
of my dramas, doors open, doors closing.

I am easily and most capable of being mis-seen,
and capable of being authentically inappropriate
in overt and subtle energetic ways.

I will continue forward.

I am committed to the work of the week,
and the opportunties at hand.

I am learning things about going where
I am wanted.

There is only so much a person can do
with one human life, and I am already
living and jamming more than one in the Time and Space
allotted to 24 hours a day.

I do believe All Works for the Good. YES.

One day, I will give Mark's booking department a call.
I will invite him to speak at National Enchanted Gardener Month
Opening Festivities. The world be be Chilling Out from Global Warming.
I will invite a contingent of staff from his office, and hopefully
what they say will be about how we started out not understanding each other.
I will learn from all their feedback.
I will appreciate that all feedback from a woman
helps a man grow in ways that are essential.

I will have many published books in libraries by then,
some that have uplifted Men to Speak the Words that
Women need to Know for Health.

Many Women on that Day will say
or know in their heart that I did good.

I want to be worthy of receiving the good things they have to say.


A Week from
Coming Out Nights
at the Natural Product Expo West

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