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Conscious Cards Need to Find my Organic Celebration postcard. Much work done. Haven't thought of how I was receive back. 11:51 AM February 27, 07

Date:   4/10/2007 1:45:00 AM ( 15 y ago)

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Conscious Cards

Need to Find
my Organic Celebration
postcard. Much work
done. Haven't thought
of how I was receive back.

11:51 AM
February 27, 07

Yesterday was three days in one.
I definitely had Spirit and Grace working with me.

Things could have been so much worse,
if that is anything to be grateful about.

I am grateful.

I am checking in with the three people
I have been sending photos to via CD last week
and email yesterday.

Check that, there were four Clients I was mailing to.
Simone from Health Concerns was calling forth the
Pomegranate Pictures as a resend before Andrew mailed
out the supplements I have requested.

Received an email from
I do not know how I got on their list.
One of the partners Steve Amos died of a heart attack
on Sunday. God bless his spirit and family.
I have never looked at this their site.
They make ecards, conscious ecards.

It does not seem a time to be in touch,
but feels like a good match for my photography
and peotry combinations. I need a partner in this.

I have been exploring ebooks with Baysides.
She has been a great inspiration with this.

That is likely my easiest way to publish,
next to the Plant Your Dream Blog.

Then, this Ecard seems a good fit.

So, I sent most of the photos that everyone needs
for the Video and Slideshows for OTA and the Organic Center.

I have not yet been funded for this expenditure of
energy, about 30-40 ours work I imagine.

I had to translate lots of photos that will go in
the "The Comeback of Joe the Farmer" to 300dpi.

I mailed overnight two packages to OTA for Lisa
and one for Amy Summers last Thursday. That took
a lot of preparation.

Then, yesterday was all about emailing photos to
Amy Bovaird of Organic Center for a different loop
while Joe strawberries are showing. Walter Robb
will be making a presentation while they some of the
images are being shown. He is the co-president of
Whole Foods Markets.

I am seeing some kind of update card that would go
with the loop that acknowledges my work...that
could go with the one for the Organic Trade Association.

Something that indicates photos by Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener...

Organic Celebration!

Here is my orignal...
I found this yesterday.

I am not conscious looking for things these days.
Things seem to be finding me...that I am meant
to find, people as well as writings.

I am not alone in what I am doing now.
That is the message.

The distance between the Veils is thin.

Put Olnd Orgnai Cenebration here and send...
finD NOW. Leslie

Yes, there may be a better way to do this.
Just upload to that site that Amy Bovaird told me about,
and then let the Clients download them.

That would be more economically smart.

have an organic Celebration section
with a password, if necessary.

I am rolling through the technological glitches
superbly, and it is anxiety producing for moments
until the breakthrough occurs.

CD...Cover needs to be redone....
and used as a "back of the room' Item
to compensate for all this tremendous outlay of energy.

Jensen spoke about the doctor not being paid
every day at 5.

John of the Essene School of Thought spoke
of "The Servant being worth his hire."

12:26 PM

I see where in an email from Laura Stavino
there is communications with the Graphic Designer
for New Hope Natural Media, Jenn Tucker.

This looks like another contact, I want to be making.


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