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Twilight Left Me--A Poem A poem about Self Worth by Leslie with a little help from Your Enchanted Gardener 5:56 PM February 26, 07

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Twilight Left Me--A Poem

A poem about Self Worth
by Leslie with a little
help from Your Enchanted Gardener

5:56 PM
February 26, 07

The twilight left
me while I was still here at the computer,
trading out laborious photos
I recovered on the PC.
You cannot count on digital
images or electronics to all be there for you.

I wanted to go out in the sunshine,
watched the glimmers of light,
but was frought with the thought
I might not be able to do this
this feat of mental stamina
to see if I work overcome
the the maylee (sp>?) of
equipment not working as it is suppose to.

I am looking at the most incredible
photo of Marcelo being kissed.
he is holding a strawberry in hand
and was about to feed her.

When he did the sunshine burst out.
Did you see that I asked.
"I did not see it until you pointed it out.

She looked at my images.
You are quite a photographer.
YOu could be making major money
from your images.

Then she asked, would I mail her these
that I took.

I told her the photography was how
I covered my bills.

"I would like a contribution."

I did not want to be crass,
saying somethign like my photos are
$20.00 each.

You get what you ask for,
sometimes more than you pay for.

She pulled out a $5.00 and gave it to be.

I did not saying anything more.
I did not want to be rude.

Today, as my body wanted to go out,
and I thought of a request I made
for a donor to help cover the costs of berries
Me and Joe the Farmer would bring to Anaheim.
He sent a curt email saying,
"All food and drink are donated."
It caught me off guard. I felt
bad for Joe the Farmer. He has
already given at the office.

I had asked more in that email,
much more, he ssnt back a one liner.
I let it go. He was preoccupied with
moving major energies and likely did not
have time to consider my full request.
Likely, he will later.

I know that man is my friend,
in spite of what I am feeling.
Most people ask first before they give.
I generally give before I ask.

Dr. Jensen said that the doctor is
not always paid at 5:00 o'clock.
There is a part of my weary mind now
that knows I have to be my own doctor.

I am standing up now
going to the crock pot for dinner.
I stop and remind myself
I am living in paradise.
I have all my needs met.
I remind myself it is likely
just my tired mind speaking
from overwork, and I am on the
in the middle of a great, great success.

I remind myself,
much of the world is starving
right now; and things could get a lot
worse over here. I know my work is helping out;
and yet, I am thinking of an upstanding farmer,
who spent 30 minutes no doubt to fill
a small carton of mulberries.
He wanted $5.00. It was the end of the day.
I offered #3.00.

He said, "I would rather eat them myself."

Some people is just good to pay.


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