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Cultivating Food Justice March 3 Cultivating Food Justice Conference preparations need to be done today. 10:43 AM March 2, 2007

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Cultivating Food Justice March 3

Cultivating Food Justice Conference
preparations need to be done today.

10:43 AM
March 2, 2007


A page from
"The Comeback of Joe the Farmer"
Harmony Between Farmers-
was inspired by the Cultivating
Food Justice Conference.

Initial Blog
on this important Conference is here:


on the phone with Joann,
a Volunteer for the Cultivating Food Justice Conference
at San Diego City College March 3.

She is calling to tell me
that there will be a poetry reading area
at lunch. I will read a
"Love Letter to Joe the Farmer" for all who want
to hear it then.

I will also read this in Barry Cogan's workshop.

Meeting Joann and being invited to read at Barry's
came out of last Sunday's Hillcrest Farmers' Market.

Joann tells me the event will be around Building L.

I wanted to know that. She says there will be signs.

"A Love Letter to Joe the Farmer"
is one of the main walking papers
that goes with "The Comeback of Joe the Farmer."

I also need to follow up this monring and create
an artwork that says:

Not Knowing who is growing your food
is like being intimate with a stranger.


Chilling Out Global Warming
Enchanted Garden Teachings:

Be intimate with the person
growing your food.

Grow some of your own.
Be on a first name basis
with the Joe the Farmer
growing the rest of it."

This ties in with the
2007 Intention for
The Enchanted Garden Intentional

"The Enchanted Garden Intentional
Community 2007 Seed Dreams

The Property experienced
by residents and guests
as a Center of Enchanted Garden Activity.

"The Enchanted Garden Meets Here."

The Enchanted Garden
Community Food Pantry

We use foods produced
by Heart and Soul Inspired farmers
and Natural Food Companies.

This community supports
Conscious Commerce

With every dollar we spend
in the marketplace we can
uplift Consciousness.

A year to look at our
Energy Investments here.

Vision during the night of
all the intense and immense
clutter in the basement.
Energy is invested in this.
Summer to clear it.
Some invest in empty space...

What are the inconvenient
truths that go with living
in community here with others?

What is being asked of us
through living here with others?

the Hot water heater...
It is an "Inconvenient Truth"
that eight people use hot water.
This means coordinating.

An "inconvenient Truth"
The Hot Water heater holds 40 gallons
of hot water, and then needs time
to heat up again.

a 5 minute shower is maximum
per person.

We may need to communicate about
who takes evening and morning showers.

Follow UP!

Make a simple sign, Leslie,

Food Intimacy...


Other Blogs on the
Cultivating Food Justice Conference

honor and offer
Natural Food Products created by
Heart and Soul Inspired Companies in
the Natural Food Industry.

is a Center of Enchanted
Garden Activity.

Follow UP!

Make sure I have copies of the Harmony Between Farmers
for the Conference tomorrow.

Call Joe now...


Future Home
one shelf--

The Enchanted Garden
Food Pantry...
EG Teaching 07

Chilling Out Global Warming
Through my Conscious Commerce

Foods I eat
are created by farmers
I know, and Heart and Soul
inspired companies
in the Natural Food Industry

Signed by


3:17 PM

Norah--box from supplements
left in one spot for a week.
Today Angelene spaces and left
a much of her unfinished breakfast
on top of that space.
The Clutter draws more clutter.

3:16 PM

Broken Field Play...
new Blog...

How will I get out of this?
Unexpected...current dilemma...needs
to be handled....

Can I even speak the words?


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