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Rodriguez Ranch Buy Back Signage needed still. Organize first what I have. 10:27 AM March 2, 2007

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Rodriguez Ranch Buy Back

Signage needed
still. Organize
first what I have.

10:27 AM
March 2, 2007

Two days to go of real time
preparation for Results I want to see
from the NPEW.

What materials for the
"The Comeback of Joe the Farmer"
do I want in hand?

What pages of the Children's book are done?

These are online here on the Plant Your Dream Blog.

There is one OTA page that is not up.
There are numbers of pages to print.

I need to review these.

Before something can be seen in this world,
it asks to be seeded.

Part of seed for me is creating Art,
a graphic.

This is how I use Seed things.

I go deep.
I See inside the Seed Dream.
Then I come out out with some statement.

What other statements to have want
in hand for my "elevator" speech?

What is an "elevator" speech.
It is something they practice and ask
for in the trainings with marketing expert
Mark Victor Hansen.

An "elevator" speech is what is say
about the project you are doing in the
one minute or less you are riding up and down
the elevator.

Sound bites.
That is how the news works now a days.

An elevator speech is the essence of what
you want to communicate.

The energy flows according to what you
show in your walking papers.

Your walking papers are what you show
during your elevator speech.

Then, comes the excitement.
Then comes the contact.
Then comes in writing, what you will do later.

At last year's Organic Center,
I had my Walking Papers in good shape.

Charles Benbrook, the chief scientist
for the Organic Center came up to me.
He saw me with the camera.
He saw my walking papers.
He was excited by the quality of the Super Ripe Images.

He said that he would help spread my images
through the industry through taking the time
to develop this relationship between my photos
and the Organic center.

The Seed Dream is that my photos will be used
in the Organic Mission 2010 that is already happening.

That mission is the uplevel the use of organic foods
from 2% to 10% by 2010.

The Organic Center Logo goes here...

I understand from Charles that numbers of my photos
are being used in the powerpoint for the Organic Center.

I am looking forward to seeing a spectrum of
these Super Ripe Images on the Organic Center site.

Anthony Zolezzi is on the board for the Organic Center.
I have had outstanding connection with him in the past year.

He is also involved with the Pet Promise company
as well as the book "How Dog Food Saved the Earth."

The book was a sponsor in my campaign to bring locally grown

Last week and this week, I followed up with taking
the next step:

Super Ripe Images are in two Powerpoints, one
for the Organic Trade Association, and one for the Organic Center.

Some of the same Super Ripe Images
of Joe the Farmer and his food are in a video
as well to be shown at the Organic Center Fundraiser March 9.

This was produced by Pitch, Inc,
Amy Summers, president.


More work is needed with getting funding off the ground.

One Art...

Rodriguez Ranch Buy Back
OTA, and Organic Mission...
in the shopping card...for 2007...

Shopping Cart...

[What do you have time to complete???--
CD one show...
for tomorrow...

Revised Cover...of Book...

All finished pages in book...

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"Perfect. Thank You!"

Love Letter to Joe the Farmer

it is 11:21 AM now.

To Do:

Pay bills NOW...quickly...

Check on status of EG Mobile
Get pages of book printed at
Postal Express.
Turn in New Organic Celebration card
to Fromex on Tif, or print at Postal Express...

New art this evening?

Help with pickup of EG Mobile...


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