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Piggie Year--I am a Pig My friend Marina Lighthouse has charms for this year of the Pig. I am going to get one. She is a great Feng Shui teacher, very sincere. 6:50 PM March 1, 07

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Piggie Year--I am a Pig

My friend Marina Lighthouse
has charms for this year
of the Pig. I am going
to get one. She is a great
Feng Shui teacher, very sincere.

6:50 PM
March 1, 07

Got an email from Marina Lighthouse.
I am wearing one of the amulets right now
on my pants buckle.

It really helps me focus on energy.
One trains me to be open to meeting important
people at events. It helps me overcome how
vulnerable I feel at times. It is something
I do in my transition to going out in public.
I put on one of Marina's charms that I wear.

The Kabbalists have similar amulets.
Every religion uses amulets of different kinds
to focus energies.

The Jewish people put a lot of energy into Jewish stars
they wear, or religious items worn on necklaces.
The Christians get power form crosses.
Some people as Mother Teresa would have necklaces made
of Job's Tears to be used for counting the rosary.
That is one of the uses of Job's Tears. I get orders
from people who make them into rosary beads.

Marina met the craftsperson in Taiwan who makes
the amulets I wear.

Here is her email to me and others.

The professor she mentions is a beautiful man.
I keep a picture of him on my desk.
He teaches Mudras. Mudras are hand gestures
that create energy and intention.

I see Marina at International Feng Shui Conferences.

She made a tape for me once of her
reading "Because she is a Woman,"
one of The Seven Love Cures.

Serene Mountain Setting in Taiwan

Welcome to the Year of the Pig! I am back from a fabulous three week excursion to Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China, where I toured with HH Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun. We visited temples, different cities in Taiwan, and places of great natural beauty.

I took a short hop over to Hong Kong toward the end of my stay. It was my first visit to the city. I crossed the border into mainland China for one day. I took a train to Lo Wu, which is a border town shopping center/mall, where I had one of the most intense shopping experiences of my life! Not for the faint hearted. For eight hours, I was accosted by shopkeepers hawking their wares. "Hey, Missy, Missy! DVD, DVD. Hey Missy, Missy! Foot-massagie, foot-massagie!" My mantra while shopping was "No Touchie! No Touchie!"

Then it was back to Taiwan for the first bilingual Lin Yun Temple Feng Shui workshop in Taipei. The teachings were profound. I gathered from the reactions of the people who attended that Professor took us
all into a deeper knowledge and understanding of his teachings.

I brought back beautiful NEW products from the jade markets in Taiwan. I had a wonderful, uplifting moment when I was reunited with the Feng Shui Shopper's jade contact in the gigantic Taipei Jade Market. Our contact speaks no English, and I speak no Chinese. Up and down the aisles I went, searching for her booth. It had been three years since I was last there. When I finally found our contact and said "Marina", she instantly recognized me and we laughed and hugged each other for about 10 minutes in sheer glee!

After showing me all her newest items, once again I confirmed that the quality of her necklaces, charms and animals could not be beat anywhere, not in all the night markets and shops I encountered in all my travels. Some of the new colors of the necklaces are subtle, interesting, and different. They are woven with burgundy, sage, and rich brown cord.

Multi-Colored Jade Piggy Bracelet
Tiny Taipei Tiger Charm
Ru Li Charm

Tigers are the protector charms for the year
and Piggies in any year symbolize abundance in business.

Wishing you a great Year of the Pig!

Marina Lighthouse





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