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11:13 AM February 7, 07 2220 messages, viewed 134,579 times viewed 4 times Worthy Person Getting my press pass for the Natural Products Expo West. Taking a break to do that. Sprung a leak! Feeling Bad... Working to put Humpty-Dumpty Together in this Blog. 11:13 AM February 7, 07

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by YourEnchantedGardener

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Worthy Person

Getting my press pass
for the Natural Products Expo West.
Taking a break to do that.
Sprung a leak! Feeling Bad...
Working to put Humpty-Dumpty
Together in this Blog.

11:13 AM
February 7, 07


Working with Money Numbers
yesterday, and hopefully more today!
YES, please. In process
of Revision Utilities and then

Brings up all kinds of stuff
and ocntronts. Sprung a leak!
Working to put Humpty-Dumpty
Together in this Blog.


O.K. so I booked the room
for the Natural Products Expo West.

O.K., so I have more to do with the Utilities.
I am feeling depressed.
Lonely. Forlorn.

Not exactly the time to get my Press Pass
for the Show.

Let me look on my web site and collect my energies.

Let's see, where is my photo of Karen Raterman and me?

Let's go see, cloud over head, Leslie.

Heart and Soul Stories:


Oh here's the story, I wrote about Michael Besancon,
my original avocado maker who is now the stellar
leader in the Whole Foods Market chain. He is president
of our Region. What a great human being.

Oh, here is the story about my Fantasy Vision
of my Participation in the Natural Product Expo 2009.
That is a sweet story.



Oh that's a sweet photo.
Planting Seed Dreams at the Pacific Symposium.

11:26 AM

No, that isn't what I am looking for.
Keep Looking, Leslie...

11:28 AM

Oh, that's more like it:


This Site traces the fulfillment of the
Seed Dreams planted for the Natural Produce
and Products Industry through
Enchanted Garden Projects inspired
by the Natural Products Expo West (NPEW)

Held each March in Anaheim, California
is my barometer for the Health of the Industry.

--Leslie Goldman
Your Enchanted Gardener

Oh, here is one of the things I do at the Show:


Ralph Bronner:




11:41 AM


11:41 AM
Christina Ramirez, just called...
wants to come over and see the place....
Ol. I can use a little company...
put don't get too far out, Leslie!

Oh here's the Story I had
in The Natural Foods Merchandiser:

Raisins for Adriana...


Mentions Job's Tears...
and offers some to people who want them...

YES! YES! I will do that this year:
I will gift Job's Tears to those who have
given so much...to help the Industry...


Offer them up and the poem for the
Organic Center banquet...

[Be careful, Leslie, do not overextend...

Get the Shot list from Laura Stravino..
of OTA...do not make the same goof this time...
Lots of shots of tables...that is the key!
That is what OTA wants....
in being the photographer...

OTA Photos...here:

11:50 AM
Back to "Raisins for Adriana...

Leslie Goldman is the Enchanted Gardener,a voice for the rebirth of Mother Earth. Leslie encourages us
to plant our dreams in harmony with nature.

Do you know a person and project
upholding and expressing the Heart and Soul of the Natural Produce
and Products Industry?
mailto: Plantyourdream@cox.net
and see:


Would you like some Job's Tears,
the Seeds of Life Fulfillment grown
by Leslie Goldman, Your Enchanted


What do I do here:
Plant Seeds for Super Ripe People
and their Dreams...

Oh...YES, that is what I do!!!!

Really Do it this year at the Natural Product
Expo West:

Promises to Keep:

Joe the Farmer CD...
Job's Tears sheets...
Follow up with invite to speak at the Rotarians...
happened on Sunday...Green Fair...
Followup on this!!!!

Craiglist...redo invite for Sunday...
Get some new folks here...
Call Colen...email Colen...

11:53 AM

[That's the Spirit, Leslie!
Please Wake Up, remember why you are Alive!!!
Please, please we need you, Sweet Man!
Please remember, please...
Do not let this leaks dishearten you, Leslie...
You can do them.
You can find your strength...

Pull an Angel Card...
Care for your tummy, please Leslie,
do not give up hope, Leslie, please,
do not give up hope.]

Angel Card
11;56 AM
Doreen Virtue Deck!

"Take Back Your Power!"

Archangel Raziel: "Use your God given
power and intention to manifest blessings
in your life."

Light a Candle, Leslie! Light a candle!
Take a Limbic Balance! Day Formula!

Yes, put some My Vita Minerals in it!!!

"Trust, Leslie, trust..."

No, trust, yet...

12 noon...
Trust issue...

[Go around, if you can't go through!...
Find inspiration...remember more...
sweet man. Please, Leslie, please...
Don't give up! Please don't give up.

I feel like crying...

[o.k. feel...keep moving...

"Keep Moving." --Dr. Jensen
checking in. "Hi, Pal!"

hurts...I'm hurting...teary eyed... 12:03 PM

[Put on music, Leslie!
Holy Harmony!]

O.K. 12:06 PM

no...Debbie Freedman...
"Sow in Tears...Reap in Joy!!!"

["Stay here, Leslie, don't fragment!"
--Judith ]

Stay on PURPOSE;
PRess Pass--


Upholding Heart and Soul in Industry:

05 Show:


12:21 PM

Heart and Soul in Industry:


Carolyn MacDougal


Coffee and Women's Health

{Tie in with "Words Men Need to know...///]

Keep focus with Job's Tears this year...
Give Heart and Soul Awards...with Job's Tears...
Give them their Deepest Dreams...
Mother Earth is asking...

What does that card look like???

Anthony...Amy...Organic Center...

CD complete and mail...
get on it...

Work on house stuff...leakage
while staying strong with Talents...
Don't throw in the Towel, Leslie
just because you have leaks!!!!!

Stay in your Soul, Leslie!
Stay in your Soul.

Daryl Hannah, Photo please...

She joined the Club last year...

Emails...Coming to give you your Deepest Dreams...

Oprah...read "Job's Prayer on Oprah...
thank you...

Patricia Kaminski:

Lynn Gordon:

Daryl Hannah


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