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Letter to Cousin Elissa, the Jehovah's Witness.

Date:   7/25/2007 3:31:38 PM ( 15 y ago)


Dear Elissa,

I want to apologize for not writing back to you. I know you send a letter ever so often

You asked in your last letter, what I thought about the magazine, “The Watchtower.”

I think it is nicely done, however I do not personally
find meaning in the content, or ideas.

I do have a personally relationship with Jesus,
based on experiences of healing in my life.
I also have personal relationship with other sages
of the past, and have deep reverence for many from
many paths.

I enjoy it when I see God in a new light.

I am happy for you that you find support in the Jehovah's Witness.
It gives life meaning when we have a path that brings us a sense of direction.

I have my own spiritual path, and write about
the spiritual things that give my life meaning
and my struggles and overcomings. I am enclosing
a few of my writings.

I write every day on the internet.
It is called a Blog or weblog.

I am not sure if you use the internet.

We definitely have a wide range of values
in our blood lines family,all the way from Orthodox Jewish, to Ultra
Hassidic (Vivian’s Marcia), to my own eclectic
views, to your own.

If you want to share anything personal about
how you live your life, I would be open to receiving

I have not spoken to my father lately, although
I have written him. His phone is (323) 852-4887.
I believe you have that and his address.
618 No Hayworth Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90048

I am not drawn to the materials that you send
about Jehovah’s Witness. Please do not send them.

When I open them, I sense you believe you have
the only right way. I do not believe there is only one
way to God, but rather than God gives many religions
so people can learn to find peace in the differences.

Your mother also believed at one time, that she had the
right way. She was so severe in this belief, that I imagine
it forced you as far away from her beliefs as you could go.
I am sorry you did not have a chance to follow your heart
when you were young. I am sorry that you have spend
most of your life with health issues.

I am at peace with you in your way, and bless you in this.
I am at peace in my way.
I have good memories of your mother,
who was extremely instrumental in my life
and choices.
She is a powerful woman.
I also liked your brother Benjamin very much
and sorry he left us so young.
We were talking for a while.
Please send me letters if you life about your personal life. Your personal life does interest me.
I have felt hurt at times with all the love that is lost
between people who do not accept each other
as they are.

I also feel bad that I do not have a closer relationship
with my sister’s kids and offspring for the same reason.
Different ways of celebrating God.

Do you keep in touch with your sisters,
or their children?

What are the emails for your sisters
and their phones?

Do you have an email?

Much Love to you, cousin.

if you want to pray
for love and kindness between us and all people,
do that. I will do the same.

I am going to save one of your letters
in put it in a very special place.
Thank you for writing.

I am going on 60 this November 19.




Dear Leslie,

How are you? I hope you are well.

Many people feel that there is much cruelty on the earth today.
Zbut soon all cruelty will end, and peace loving people
will be able to enjoy life in perfect health on a cleansed

Isaiah 11:2-5 speaks of how the Messiah will soon exercise
his authority over the earth: "and upon him the spirit of Jehovah
must settle down, the spirit of wisdom and of understanding...
Snd with righteousness he msut judge the lowly ones."

The subject is discussed in the enclosed magazine as well
as how we can react to cruelty now.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of the magazine.

Elissa Shapiro


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