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Liora Leah receives two sheathes of Holy Barley Grains to make art. She will use Rhimax

Date:   5/19/2007 9:51:38 AM ( 15 y ago)

7:37 AM
May 19, 07

Yesterday was
the Seventh Week of the Omer Count,
The day Tiferit, Beauty,
in the Week of Malkut, Kingdom, Nature,
the place where it All Comes Together.

I had a special visit from Liora Leah,
the Artist, who I invited to create a rendition
of the Omen Barley that has been growing
in this Enchanted Garden since December.

Here is a photo of the Barley:

The Barley grains were consecrated in a Holy Ceremony
at the Kabbalah Conference in Early December.

They were planted with deep intention
to consecrate a Kabbalah for the Holy Earth,
and on the part of Rabbi Yakov Travis,
to plant the seeds of Kabbalah for
a continuation of the dialogue to bring
the Great Thinkers and Leaders of Kabballah Together.

He orchestrates beautifully the Tiferet Institute
that has online classes in Kabbalah.

In the Ancient Days, Barley was one of the Temple Grains
that were harvested at this time of year.

When the Temple was lost,the Counting of the Omer
retreated into the Inner Worlds.
The Ritual of Counting became a Symbolic Ritual.
The Growing of Barley as a Sacred Spiritual Practices
no longer existed.

A few years ago, with Teachings about Barley Grains
elucidated by Rabbi Zalman Schacter Salomi,
I began growing the Barley Grains again for the Jewish people.

There were two stands of Barley this year.

The first, that began ripening about two or more weeks
ago, was eaten by an animal. It may have been a large bird,
or a raccoon that came to visit the Enchanted Garden.

I felt great disappointment.

The second batch of Barley was left untouched.
I began to Pay More Attention.
Each day I would watch the second batch.
I began to collect the stalks,
some before they were fully ripe.

I could see that the Barley Grains
were highly Prized by the animal life here.

I wanted some of these for my own uses.

These Barley Grains will be taken
to the Elijah Minyan on the beginning
of Shavuot, that begins the 22nd,
this Tuesday night.

I will be speaking for ten minutes on the
Seventh Commandment.

I am not sure what the message will be at this time.
I am sure God will send through an Amazing ten minute

The Artist Liora Leah received two long strands
of the Barley and a roll of Rhimax paper.

She was enthusiastic about this paper
and says she will be using it as the medium
for her art.



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