I did something a wife should never do by ren .....

fighting with my fiance

Date:   5/15/2006 7:59:51 AM ( 16 y ago)

I uttered a cussword to my fiance when I was angry at him last night. I didn't use directly AT him, as in you effing m*o*o*n but I used the f word in an angry fashion. Of course he didn't like it and reminded me that he's never talked to me that way. That's true. I wanted to instantly defend myself but I knew what I did was very wrong. I was not raised with parents who curse. Anyway, I was already stressed with my mother's non-stop nagging this past weekend or actually on Friday up till the very time I had to drop my sister to the airport. I still have the pain in my shoulders and neck and my throat is still sore from my bulimic episodes this weekend.

I wish this wedding to be over pretty soon. I'm turning into one of those bridezilla type girls and I hate it.


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