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DIY bikram yoga

Date:   5/8/2006 4:39:03 PM ( 17 y ago)

Here's how YOU yes YOU the reader can do bikram yoga at home. You'll need:

1 closet door mirror
1 heater (two if you are not going to use the sauna suit)
-got mine for $32 from National Wholesale Liquidators in West Hempstead. Check out discount places in your area because the big box stores have NO heaters. I know. I went to at least four of the major ones around my nabe.
1 sauna suit (got mine from Walmart for less than ten dollars)
1 room thermometer (Bionaire from Bed Bath and Beyond for $20... I used shower money to get it!)
1 copy of the Bikram beginning yoga class book OR you can get the tape from Bikram in California. I recommend both. I'm getting the tape myself). If you are not going to get the tape or that's not your thing, take at least three classes to learn the moves. I got an intro month for $30 from a local studio running a special.
1 yoga mat
1 beachtowel

The Bikram Yoga series:

I promise to take a picture of my bikram set up. It's real easy. The only downside is interruptions from family members. I got down in two hours which how long I used to take at the studio. You will sweat almost as much as you would in the studio wearing the sauna suit. You can steam your face afterwards as I do because the heated room helped to clear up my acne. I don't get acne anymore unless I drink coffee or get my period :O). Bikram yoga is my preferred yoga practice right now until I feel like learning something. Yoga is a great way to get into wedding gown shape. You will get long and lean. My only problem is chicken wing arms. Ewwwww...oh well. I can't be perfect! :P


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