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fitness on a shoestring budget

Date:   8/4/2006 12:16:22 AM ( 17 y ago)

I found my blender and now I'm committed to having one green smoothie per day, about one quart. I am committed to losing weight the healthy way and not dropping weight so fast, I look like a skeleton OR worse, my skin hangs down and I look like a hag.

Anyway, I have a pic of Monica Brant up in my medicine closet. Look at that link. That's not the pic but that's the idea, minus the boob shelf. I rather have small boobs than fake ones. Oh well such is the life of a pro fitness female.

My hardcore homegym set up:

I resurrected a total gym I purchased over two years ago. It is a professional model, steel with little rusting from being outside.

15 pound dumbbells
2 walking weights (purchased from walmart very cheap)
5 pound set of dumbbells
jump rope
a mini stepper
a gold's gym barbell from a cheap bench set I bought years ago

Everything so far I purchased before I got married when I worked for some nice wages in New York. Now that I'm a newlywed in a new state and no job yet, the funds are extremely limited. Plus, I have a new outlook on fitness as far as spending money on gyms are concered. I spent $700 on a gym membership last year so I could look good in my wedding dress. I lost my job which was very near where the gym was, super convenient to go to before or after work. TOo bad my new job was waaaaay in the other direction and with gas sky high I stopped going. I vowed that I would not waste money on gym memberships and would only MAYBE MAYBE MAYBE get one for the coldest winter months here ($160).

Now here is what I want to MAKE for my gym:

10 and 20 lb medicine balls

This will entail a visit to the dollar store tomorrow to find some plastic play balls or cheap basketballs. The basketballs are the best. I'm not confident that Walmart will have a chinese chicken basketball for six dollars though. I looked up the prices of medicine balls and the prices are RIDICULOUS. I'll make my own.

The medicine balls are great for compound movements like squat twists and lifts.

farmer walking buckets

two paintbuckets- ripped off from my FIL's toolshed. They're just collecting mosquitos anyway.
a bag of concrete- three dollars tops from the hardware store. Split the bag contents.

nordic walking sticks

I already have two broomsticks, ducktape to make the rubber bottoms and handles. I'm looking into making metal ones filled with concrete. We shall see.

If I ever get my camera working, I'll take pics. I do pullups on a pinetree in my yard. The backyard is sloped on a hill so I have a natural slant board. I have to say the only thing I would consider spending money on is a heart monitor. I got a good one at Walmart for forty dollars.

More on this tomorrow. I'm off to sleep!


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