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Date:   5/19/2006 1:28:19 AM ( 17 y ago)

I have to take leave from Raw Food Bootcamp because I just don't have the money to keep up my membership. I plan to rejoin RFBC after my honeymoon because I know a lot of women have the tendency to fatten up right after getting married. I am setting some personal goals for myself, including achieving measurements that are perfect for my size and bone structure as per the perfect body calculator:

Your ideal chest size is 39

Your ideal waist size is 27

Your ideal hip size is 33

Your ideal bicep size is 14

Your ideal forearm size is 11

Your ideal thigh size is 20

Your ideal calf size is 13

Your ideal neck size is 14

Yes it's great to weigh myself in every week BUT measurements and muscle is where the rubber meets the road for me. I have a weight goal of 120 but if I decide that running sucks and I rather lift weights, I know I'd weight a little more. By the time I go back to Raw Food Bootcamp, I want to be well on my way to 120 and my perfect body measurements. I'm not that far off from them. I've lost some in the waist since I took those pictures. I'm going to post all new ones after I get back from France. I expect to lose ten pounds on my honeymoon and not from what you think either :D We're staying in Paris and that means nonstop walking. There's a fresh produce market within walking distance of the hotel too. My diet is all raw foods but not vegan but French cheese is all raw, NO PASTEURISATION!!!!!

Tomorrow starts my new experimentation with weightloss and vibrant health. My food shopping is very disorganised. I've decided to follow David Wolfe's weekly menu plan for 100% raw. The only exceptions will be the whole cake cutting deal and the raw cheese in France. I don't intend to have a whole lot of it but I can't lie. Their cheese is GOOD. Anyway, their apple cider is not boiled either and I'm using that as an alternative to champagne which burns holes in my stomach.


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