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Melons and salads, salads and melons...

Date:   11/3/2006 4:26:20 PM ( 16 y ago)

Getting back on raw is definitely a day-by-day thing for me- I rededicate myself each morning. I hope that soon it'll be the unconscious habit it once was. I had cantaloupe for breakfast and a "salad" for lunch. Since I didn't get to the store last night I had no herbs OR lettuce, so I just ate a bunch of vegetables with a base of taboule, basically. It was yummy, though. Who says a salad has to have lettuce, anyway? I made a conscious effort to keep water at my desk to help get myself back in the habit of drinking water every day. If I weren't doing the Raw Food Bootcamp I'd probably be trying to do "high" or "medium" raw, eating one nonraw meal and the rest raw to ease back into this, but my history with changing eating patterns shows that cold turkey tends to do the trick for me. Regardless, no single way is "easy"!

Right now I'm conducting research regarding the use of sacred spaces. As I perused the web for information on places of worship I came across a site that described the pastor as having healed the sick. The site featured several stories of healing; one woman had her depression lifted from her within a week. I looked at the other healings to see if any of them had food addictions (ha!) but no such luck. I think you have to be a "believer" to be healed in this way, and I'm really not a believer in spontaneous healings. What I do believe is that I'll always have this food addiction lying somewhere underneath, no matter how much I pray for it to be taken away. Although it makes me sad to think this way, I simply accept it. So I continue on this Raw Odyssey because it's the closest to "healing" that I've ever found.


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