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What do you eat? Help a sister out!

Date:   5/30/2006 12:26:08 AM ( 17 y ago)

I've finally made it to 275- whoopee!! I'm now 66 lbs lighter than I was on January 1st of this year!

Felicia and I were talking about our status as "rawtarians." Both of us miss some of the old treats we used to indulge in- the chips, candy bars, McDonald's and the like- but neither of us feels "called" to eat those things these days. In the past, a bag of M&M's would have quickly disappeared as we watched TV, but tonight we noticed that even if we are watching some boring TV show and eating something like grapes, we don't mindlessly shovel them in. It's great to have that natural "stopping mechanism" come into play- it was numbed when we ate SAD (Standard American Diet).

Need Your Input!
Someone messaged me at the Raw Odyssey Cafe saying she is a new raw foodist who is already bored with salads. I totally understand her. I used to get bored every few weeks (I've whined about that enough in this blog!) My advice to her would be to branch out and try new foods and flavors using ideas from other raw foodists and recipe books, but wouldn't it be nice if you who read Raw Odyssey registered at the Cafe and posted what you eat in the "what's on your menu" section (hint hint)? When I first went raw, boredom was the most depressing problem I faced, it seems. I would resolve that problem for a little while with my hummus and taboule sandwiches, then I'd get bored again. Lately I haven't been bored, but that's probably because Felicia has joined me on this journey and she has a lot more creativity than I do when it comes to creating meals. Without her, I'd be fishing through forums trying to find out what other people are eating. Which is a good idea for newbies to raw so c'mon to the Cafe and tell us what's on your menu! She needs ideas!


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