Raw Odyssey: I'm declaring my weight loss plateau officially over by drpr .....

Today promises to be another good eatin' day~

Date:   4/16/2006 12:56:54 PM ( 16 y ago)


I had my third green smoothie in a row. Today's smoothie had 2 kiwi fruit, one banana, and 6 oz. of romaine. I actually enjoyed this one without adding avocado, because using less lettuce made it smoother automatically. I left out the avocado so I could save my fat grams for another "burger"!

As you can see from the nutrition label, this smoothie was very healthy. It is even considered a complete protein, with a score of 122 from Nutrition Data.com, meaning it contains the quantity of essential amino acids considered healthy for the body. ]

This is what I like about my raw odyssey. It's easy to read a lot of controversial opinions about what raw foodists can eat, but you really have to experiment and read from many sources before you join any particular crowd. One side says you can get all you need from plants, another group says no, a third group says yes but you have to combine. My romaine itself, according to my research, is a complete protein. I acknowledge that it's hard to eat 6 oz or more of lettuce by itself, but in a smoothie it's easy to consume. So I've debunked for myself the myth that you cannot get complete proteins from plant food. (Now my mom will feel even better about my raw diet!)

Oh, and might I add I am now down to 287.5? 53.5 lbs gone since January 1st!


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