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Date:   12/14/2005 2:48:00 PM ( 17 y ago)

Moments of Brightening

We have all had moments in our lives where we have

experienced Brightening of our Lights.

It has been called ‘Satori’, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Insight’,

‘Awakening’, and such. These moments, as transitory

and elusive as they are, are treasures of being that we

long to possess. But, in frustration and regret, we find

that when we attempt to cling to them, or ‘own’ them,

they vanish and dissolve into the void from whence they

came. This is one of the reasons (I feel) that religion

fails -for most people- to bring them the peace and

contentment it promises; Truth cannot be standardised

into a formula that fits everyone, because we are different

enough that our varied designs prevent the passing of

Truth in such a pre-arranged fashion. Each of us must

find our way ourselves, to our Self. We can gain

perspective, direction and inspiration from those who

have gone before, by reading and studying,

contemplating and meditating on the signposts they

point out to us along the Way. But, it is we that must

do the Walking. It is we that must awaken. It is we

that must “jump off the precipice and build our wings

on the way down.”

Sharing our moments of Brightening can have a

wonderful effect on our own journey. It can remind

us of a time when we felt more aware and awake,

more in tune with the All. It can inspire a new, fresh

perspective to arise within us, another Brightening

to occur, sometimes. It can also remind others of

their moments and affirm for them that the journey

is worth the effort. That they are not alone and lost

in the wilderness, as we all sometimes feel.




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