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Date:   12/11/2005 1:39:07 PM ( 17 y ago)

{'the suffering one endures is directly proportional to the time one is not present to the moment' -LightLizard}

seems like almost everybody wants to avoid suffering. it might be obvious and redundant to even make such a statement, but, can we avoid suffering? who has ever been able to live without some degree of it? are we supposed to avoid it, or at least, try to avoid it? is that the point, or purpose to life?

so many cry and fight for world peace. is it because they care about something outside of themselves, or is it just trying to manipulate the world into being the way they want so they can feel 'safe' and 'secure.'?

maybe we're supposed to suffer, here on earth. maybe it is a school where we learn about unconditional love under the harshest of conditions. what good is unconditional love if it won't see one through and beyond the greatest trials? could it be worthwhile, or even deserve the title, 'unconditional' without durability?

why are people so eager to change the world, but so opposed to changing themselves?

i know there's no final answer to any of these questions. but i also know that someone will have to try to answer them. i hope they come up with even more useful questions...and will share them...


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