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Date:   4/24/2006 2:35:58 AM ( 17 y ago)

Started my day early (6 am) with wonderful weather and good mood.
I decided to do a few days without the usual food only juices and some cleansing like coffee enemas and maybe a liver flush to have a fresh start into the coming spring and summer time.

I wish everyone a wonderful day and happy week ahead, try to keep a positive attitude substitude the word ´but´ with the word ´and´ whenever you want to use it and see the difference.
example: I would love to spend some time with you (kid, wife, friend, colleague or whoever?), but i need to do my work first.

try: I would love to spend some time with you, and I will attend to you as soon as I have finished this important work. (check if your work is really more important than human relationship?)

Since i just finished reading an article about Sigmund Freud I want to share some quotations from him with you:

´You can protect yourself against attacks, against praise you are powerless´

´We strive more to reduce Pain than to win Joy´


Don´t forget to smile today


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