Inner Work and Stepping into the New Consciousness by FlyingSwan .....

Reflect a moment on the changes that have taken place in your life over the last few months. How may of your favourite things have you had to release and let go of?

Date:   9/26/2005 3:37:29 AM ( 17 y ago)

Have you noticed the change in your inner awareness? Have you noticed a greater depth to your feelings and awareness?

As we move into the new energy of oneness and expand our awareness and consciousness, we see lots of past issues coming to the surface, again, to be finally released, and our energies are more centred on our inner awareness and inner development.

You may find that your awareness rests on past issues, and you have strong thoughts associated with those events. Take a deep breath and clear*; stay conscious of your breathing for a minute or two, and look again at that thought. See the illusion within it: it is not of this time frame, therefore thank it and then release it and focus your energies with yourself and become aware of your feelings.

Scan your feelings for any tension and release that as well. You may notice a new inner quiet developing; let your awareness be with this for a few seconds and explore its qualities. You may feel an inner joy, a feeling of bliss as you put your attention on the silence within.

Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts which are not relevant to the moment of Now, take a deep breath and clear. If you find you are thinking thoughts that you are not enjoying and did not consciously create: Think again. Use the field of all possibilities within to create your most perfect thought for that moment.

You have the power to think any thought you desire, so choose the thoughts which bring you upliftment, and release and clear. Through conscious breathing release any thoughts which can be classed as negative.

Focus on what you want. A lot of people put their attention on what is not working and expand that experience in their life. What you put your attention on grows and expands; therefore choose clearly what is your heart’s dream and what your desires are, and consciously breathe your energies into that experience.

Rebalance your energies and allow them to flow freely towards your dreams and aspirations. See the fear drop away as you do this and centre your energies on your heart centre, your feelings, and come from love.

You can now feel the presence of a new reality developing on the Earth, a new world which you are helping to create. Feel your connection to the Earth beneath your feet; stay connected and grounded over the coming year. Welcome the changes that are happening.

Embrace your feelings and follow your heart’s desire; step forward into the new world.

* The term “clear” just has the effect of releasing the energies you have been holding onto. I just feel a release as I use this technique.


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