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Speaking in public is challenging for a number of people.

Date:   6/18/2005 3:30:23 AM ( 17 y ago)

Public speaking is said to be one of the biggest challenges in many people’s lives. This is all about perspective and who we think we are?

If we think that we are this human body and all out there is different from us, and separate, then this leaves a gap in which fear can creep in.

If we feel that we are a part of the universal life force that shines through all of life. Our body is just one aspect of a greater whole and we are part of that whole and included in it. The love of this universal energy that is shining through us and gives rise to our thoughts and feelings and emotions, then what is there to fear?

Should we fear ourselves?

If we see all of the human species as a part of this universal life force of which we are rooted and exist, that is the source of our consciousness and awareness. Then the true reality is that when we speak to others we are just speaking to different aspects of our Self.

There is no separation there is only communication within the body of the society in which we live. Like are eyes communicating with our brain? In the same way that each cell of our body speaks to each other cell. We are the cells of society and when we talk to others we are just communicating the information to another aspect of our Self on a higher level.

Therefore have confidence in the system and know that when you get up to speak that the group consciousness in the room will draw out of you that information which you have that will most benefit the group. You are just the channel, which the information is flowing through.

It is always best to be fully present in the moment and be sensitive to your feelings. It is sensible to prepare your material for your speech; it is best not to read this prepared material but to be sensitive to the energy in the room. Just have main points that you would like to get over and allow the “Moment of Now” to assemble your ideas and talk through you.

You are much more than your physical body and by being relaxed with an expanded awareness you will feel the guidance of your higher Self as you present your talk.


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