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The hidden hand of nature at work, which helps to guide our thoughts and actions.

Date:   4/11/2005 11:16:40 AM ( 17 y ago)

I spent the last ten years of my life working on a sheep farm in North Wales, UK. I learned so much from the animals and found that they even managed to speak to me. You may ask how?

That is a very good question. I will give you an example. As a farmer I would quite often get inspired to have a look around the farm. I say inspired because I would sense there was a problem. On this occasion I was being guided into a field I new to be empty of animals and I had not visited for over a month.

The farm was quite large and therefore I had an ATV(All Terrain Vehicle), which is like a four-wheel drive motorbike and my dog on the back. The field in question had high cliffs, trees and tall bracken and very difficult to see more that 10 meter a head.

I had driven all around the field and was sitting in the middle just listening to the wind in the trees and the sound of running water in the streams. The feeling would not go away that there was something wrong, but what.

I started off to have a last look round and let the dog off the lead, which held it on the bike, to see if he could help. Next minute the dog’s ears pricked up and off he went with me following. As we came over the hill, there I could see a sheep, which had pushed its head through the fence to reach a juicy blade of grass on the other side and found it's head had got stuck. But as I came close I got a very big surprise. The sheep had just given birth to a little lamb, which was still alive but unable to get on its feet.

Well, I acted quickly to feed the lamb on its mother and managed to get the sheep’s head out of the fence. A few minutes later they both walk off together as though nothing had happened. But a lot had happened.

It was more than a coincidence that I was in that field looking for a problem just as the mother gave birth to her little lamb. Is it the nature spirits that where guiding me? Or was the sheep able to send me a message by telepathy or praying to God or some other means.

This has happened many times with the sheep, having their heads stuck in the fences. On each occasion I was sent a message. The sheep can only live about three days with out food. Therefore some how they were able to pass the message on to me as I found many live sheep in that position, but I never found a dead one. Which proved to me that the system worked, but what was the system?


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