Altered State of Consciousness in Preparation for Healing by FlyingSwan .....

An experiential Guide to altered state of consciousness while preparing to give healing

Date:   4/9/2005 4:04:30 AM ( 18 y ago)

As we gentle take the attention within and start to connect to the universal love within our own heart. We start with a simple opening statement of our intent: To connect to the highest energy and enliven this vibration within our own heart. We ask that we become clear channels for this energy to flow through us and bring healing to the person we are working with.

As we feel this connection opening up we feel a calmness coming over us. Within this calmness we feel the vibration or liveliness in the silence, start to become finer, yet more intense. As our vibration increases we feel a presence come around us, our aura becomes more defined. We feel our body become filled with light and become more fluid and less defined.

We can then ask for our guides, our angels our healing helpers, and psychic surgeons to come and join. As we allow these assistants, to come near us and permeate through us, we feel the subtle changes in our energies. We may experience the feeling of cobwebs around us a deepening in the energies.

We may feel the power of the presence around us increasing. We can feel our connection to the Earth beneath our feet, and awareness that we are one with the Earth. That our energy field is grounded and connected: We may feel a connection through the top of our head to all the stars and planets of the universe and feel at one with everything.

We feel the energy centres in the body becoming more clearly defined as each Chakra starts to expand and be more enlivened. We feel our light body working on many levels. As the energy continues to increase our aura start to expand out to contain the higher levels of energy.

Now that we have raised our vibration a little and moved into an altered state of consciousness we are ready to start healing.

As you connect with the person, you are working with, allow your awareness to connect with the subtle changes in the energies. You may start to feel areas of discomfort in yourself. Just become aware of these, as they will guide you to where healing is required on the person. You feel the flow of love coming out of your hand into the person.

Just follow your feelings and move your hands to where they are guided, always be aware of and prospecting the persons modesty as you work. You may notice the energy within yourself increase more while you are working. On occasions you may feel that you are floating just like a ball of light, or may feel the whole of your rib cage light up and start to glow.

Enjoy the experience and know that love and fear cannot occupy the same space. If you are connected to your heart with pure intentions, only love can flow and fears will be dispelled and dissolves away in this love.

As you start to come to the end of the healing lift your hands a little from the body and work in the aura for another minute or two. Just see the person’s energy in perfect balance as they where when they were young and life was flowing in peace and harmony for them. Visualise them in perfect health with joy and happiness on their face.

Then slowly move your hands further away and release the connection to the person. Take a few minutes before slowly coming back to your normal state of consciousness. Take a further ten minutes before moving around too much.

Perhaps during this time we can offer thanks to all our helpers for their assistance. Just slowly release the connection to the universe allow the Chakra’s to normalise and visualise any stale energy being grounded down into the earth, so your own energies are being left enlivened and clear.

If you would like to listen to a guided meditation to help you to connect with your inner energy, please follow the link below and listen to: “Connecting to the Earth and the Universe” a Guided Meditation.


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