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An overview of the feelings experienced when looking deeply into one's Self

Date:   4/7/2005 11:36:39 AM ( 18 y ago)

Today I had the realisation, for the first time, of total bliss through the night and continuing during meditation. This seemed to come about when I looked deeply into my own mind. By that I mean, turning the attention in on itself and allowing one’s awareness to expand.

This flow of energy seems to reverse the natural flow of energy from the source within to the outside world. When you look within yourself. Look at the spirit which you truly are. You see that this spirit is pure love, pure energy and when you look back at yourself you create this energy flowing in a circle and become aware of oneself. This is the difference between intelligence and intelligentness, this is when consciousness become aware of its own existence.

As you become aware you gain self-knowledge and all experiences in life seem to lose their grip on the mind. I found myself focusing on self, but at the same time becoming aware of the tension that I had been carrying around in my body. This tension also seemed to have the feeling of fear associated with it. I brought these tensions to my conscious mind and asked the muscles to relax and let the fear go as well.

This process of letting go of one’s fears and merging deeper with the love that flows from the self within is very healing. I could feel the love and harmony spreading all over my body as I continued to do this. Wholeness and love, the feeling of bliss within and the feeling of separation from my usual awareness of my physical body.

By this I mean that the awareness of self as spirit grows stronger and my awareness of my body and its desires and feeling seemed to become separate as if I was witnessing the true reality for the first time. That nothing in the physical world can touch the spirit essence, which you truly are.

When your heart is full with the love and light of self. When you are truly aware of the spirit within. Its eternal qualities, which give such inner strength, then one becomes free from attachment to the pleasures of the world. The body does not lose its emotions or feeling, rather it gains inner stability and freedom from bondage.

One’s consciousness you see as pure love and light. As such any impression on the awareness soon fades as this love and light seems to be self-healing. Its power and strength are full and eternal.


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