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Changing the perspective on how we see the World

Date:   4/7/2005 4:29:48 AM ( 18 y ago)

The new energy and how this is making us aware that we are more than our physical body.

The vision I got was of me being just one cell in the body, and seeing the rest of the body from that perspective. That is to say being an individual cell and yet being aware of the bigger whole that makes up the rest of my body.

It is this bigger picture I would like to talk about. As a cell we send our energy out and communicate with the body on many levels: electrically through the nerves, chemically through the blood, sensorially through feelings. Each cell must know the whole picture of the body through this communication on many levels.

Now my vision was that each person is a cell of society. We use the same methods to know the bigger picture. We communicate on many levels and are aware of the whole, whether this awareness comes from a photo taken from the space station of planet earth or just a feeling on a deep level of our heart or soul.

The point is, it depends on us who we choose to be. Our awareness can be as small as a cell in our body, especially if it is suffering from toothache, or as big as our body as a whole.

With the awareness of the new energy it is very easy to expand our consciousness and see that our body is just a cell in a bigger scheme of things. If we expand our awareness to the bigger picture of the community in which we live, or the whole planet; then if everyone on the planet also expands their awareness as well, I can see a new level of awareness and consciousness being created.

A bigger understanding of who we truly are as well as being this body. This is a vision that can change the world. This knowledge will stop wars instantly. The rich will share with the poor automatically as they will see that if just one person is starving, they also (and everyone else) are starving - just like a toothache.

When this energy builds and more and more people expand their awareness of who they truly are, then every cell of society will instantly respond to the needs of another, as happens automatically in our physical bodies now.

This vision will change the whole world and the planet will truly come alive. The speed of progress will be unstoppable as all the negativity in society just falls away.


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