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Date:   3/30/2005 4:24:05 AM ( 17 y ago)

February 24, 2022 -

"A tradition is of value only if it lives, grows and transforms; the maxim for a living tradition is that unless the student grows beyond his teacher, the teacher has failed."[1]

March 30, 2005 -

I'd like to acknowledge my friend: "The Enchanted Gardener" who was also blogging at this "zone":

I have know this man for about 42 years and lived at his "Enchanted Garden" household on a few occasions over the years. It was at this community household that I was first introduced to Waldorf as two of the housemates were Waldorf parents and another lady was a puppeteer who put on shows in that Waldorf school. And it was in that house that I first picked up a book by Rudolf Steiner and had to read it all the way through. It was on the "Mexican Mysteries", a very heavy book! (And now that I think of it a good reference to trace a source of some of the atrocities that have manifested through humanity throughout time.)

The "Enchanted Gardener" held an important vision inspired by the work of Dr. Bernard Jensen, father of Iridology (and so much more)! Part of the "vision" was to preserve the remaining part of Jensen's "Hidden Valley Health Ranch" near Escondido, California. It is a gem that is definitely worth preserving and I support that vision!

For more information go to:

I hope that works to link you to "Your Enchanted Gardener"!




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