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Healing all the inflamation and encouraged with the anticipation of several remedies.

Date:   2/25/2005 6:48:23 AM ( 17 y ago)

Saw my special case chiropractor today for the third time since the sciatica attack and he has given me "Low Back Rehabilitation Exercises" to do 2X/day. Tomorrow I intend to send in my order for 2 therapeutic essential oil products specifically created for sciatica from Nutri-Pharm in Australia: Austral-Balm and Myopax. They both include Emu oil that I've read is extremely penetrating and therefore a terrific carrier for the essential oils to go deep into the affected areas that need the anti-inflammatory relief.

I have to pick up a special order of Okra-Pepsin E3 by Standard Process at a distant Health Food Store and this is the product that is suppose to dissolve the mucous build up in the small intestine. That plus a couple Intestinal Cleanse products by Renew Your Life and I should be well onto a workable healing path. I am so much looking forward to my complete recovery!

In support of all the physical modalities I have a search started for a copy of "Core Transformation" so that I can more completely hear what my body was asking for with all the inflammations. Last but not least is my pursuit of discovering more deeply my Soul Purpose. I'll be searching for "Discovering Your Soul's Mission". Also want: "Numerology and the Divine Triangle" as I had just played a tape of a reading I had about 15 yrs. ago working with this material and the part of the reading I just happened to turn on was this present time period and the approach to my next 9-year cycle! I want to study this more closely now.

The sciatica pain wakes me up after about an hour or so of sleep and so I'm also searching for stronger anti-inflammatory products to ease this up. I really miss having a good night's sleep! Speaking of which, I had better return to bed for some more zzz's.


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