Want to find yourself? Read this to learn how! by kerminator .....

Stop and seek the truth in life - because all else is a waste of time and energy!

Date:   7/24/2022 5:03:52 PM ( 4 mon ago)

Forgotten Words!
by kerminator

Want to find yourself? Read and follow this outline!

** Many of the people in the world today are lost and confused! WHY?
They have no real purpose or understanding as to what is true in their lives!
So stop, look and listen!

Date: 9/22/2020
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Are you one of the bored people who looks everywhere for their answers?

Well you are not alone. It seems that in this modern age of so much information available - people have become info-zombies!

They can get on line to seek an answer, or zip off a dozen Cell calls - but in actual reality they are lost!
What? How can this be?

It comes down to how well, they can reason and make critical decisions!
These are the keys to a successful life and a clear mind!

Because unless you learn to use your God Given Intelligence (which covers and contains all the Truth!) - Other wise you are just a sap for all the News and Information channels.

Just what does that indicate?

It points out that if you say you are bored; that is only a coverup for being Lazy!
Bored, means that you are just wandering thru life, because you are clueless!
Having no real ideas as to which way to live your life!

How can that be!

Many are in this quandary of ignorance and hardheartedness.
You really need to start with some Critical Thinking!

First you must get off following the " Popular and Trending " themes or both false ways of reason!
These systems only lead in useless circles or they confuse and dismay all those who fall into their web of deceit!

So to get off your blank thinking - sit up and start using your mental powers doing some Critical thinking! Because once you get to thinking and using reasoning the world will open up to better opportunities!

The one thing that stops and hinders many people is not not using your God Given Intelligence. Or a fools folly!

Go for it! You can start by reading many of the Blog Posts on Critical Thinking , logic @ " My Unusual Road of Life.
by kerminator "
- here on curezone.org...

Which can help to improve your mind, thus helping you become the person you should be! I have several on Critical thinking, plus many for uplifting ideas and other proven purposes! So seek the truth it is here!

All you have to lose is your ignorance and then learn how to develop your mental powers for success!

** Stop and seek the truth in life - because all else is a waste of time and energy!


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