Archons Gone Mad, Tartarian Truths & Scientism Priests by luckman .....

Sol Luckman & Rob Edward Riff on DNA Activation, Archons Gone Mad, Tartarian Truths, the New Scientism Priesthood & Much, Much More!

Date:   6/13/2022 2:25:01 PM ( 8 mon ago)


Enjoy this recent far-ranging episode (now on Odysee after being promptly censored by the Neanderthals at YouTube) of Rob Edward’s popular Dig Within podcast featuring award-winning and international bestselling author Sol Luckman


No subject was taboo in this eye-opening exercise in observation and speculation by two keen minds observing a world gone completely bonkers.

Chief among the topics discussed were two of Sol’s (in)famous books, the self-healing classic POTENTIATE YOUR DNA and his new page-turner of a Gnostic novel, CALI THE DESTROYER.

BREAKING NEWS … The latter just won the fiercely competitive 2022 National Indie Excellence Award for New Age Fiction.

“A thought-provoking and absorbing dystopian tale with a New Age touch [that] balances the exploration of human relationships with environmental, social, and political issues … CALI THE DESTROYER is an illuminating and deep read, and the result is a must-read tale in tune with contemporary concerns that it dresses up as an Orwellian future.” Readers’ Favorite

The complete audiobook of CALI THE DESTROYER is available with Amazon premiumplus for $0.00. Alternatively, with a modest monthly subscription to Sol Luckman’s substack, you’ll be able to enjoy the audiobook along with additional regularly updated exclusive content for healing and transforming your life. Check out this riveting sample of the first five chapters. And be sure to watch the stunning book trailer below.



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