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Date:   6/5/2022 1:34:47 PM ( 8 mon ago)

Why Yoga Teacher Training
g is important? I wanted to know more about yoga. How did it become so popular? Who started it? Where did the poses come from? And how can it help me stay healthy and fit?

When I began researching, I found that there was a lot more to the practice than I'd ever imagined. Yoga is actually an ancient science that has been traced back over 5,000 years. The physical poses we perform are called asanas, and they were first developed by Indian mystics as a way to unite mind, body and soul. They believed that the energy of the body becomes stagnant when we're stressed or unhappy, and yoga helped them find a way to let go of those negative emotions.

The idea behind yoga is that if we pay close attention to our bodies, then we can learn to focus our minds on positive things instead of letting our thoughts wander into negative territory. By practicing yoga regularly and following some simple guidelines like eating healthy food and getting enough sleep each night, you can gain more energy and feel better about yourself all the time!


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