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If you prefer focusing on activities that steer you away from social interactions, chances are good that you're an introvert.

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If you prefer focusing on activities that steer you away from social interactions, chances are good that you're an introvert. Almost half the population of the United States would classify themselves as introverted and become over-stimulated when exposed to stress or large groups of people. Introverts need plenty of alone time to sleep and recharge their batteries, but only in the right atmosphere. If you're an introvert, here are some of the best bedroom decorating ideas for true relaxation.

Soothing, Neutral Paint Colors

Because introverts can become so keyed up by outside stimuli, soothing and neutral paint colors should always be used in the bedroom. However, neutrals don't limit you to only white and cream. Think of calming hues such as gray with silver, ivory with gold or even dusty lavender. Shades of blue are also excellent bedroom colors to promote relaxation. Likewise, bedroom furniture should be of a comforting nature like those made of natural wood and wicker.

Lighting To Unwind With

It's astonishing how effective the right type of lighting can be for a specific feel, especially for introverts. While bright white and fluorescent bulbs can be harsh and upsetting, a soft glow is the perfect bedroom mood lighting. Try to avoid intense overhead beams and instead, opt for illumination that creates warmth such as vintage Edison bulbs, sconces, artificial candles and strip lighting around shelves and furniture.

Soft Pillows and Blankets

The focal point of your bedroom is the bed. To ensure your bedroom is an absolute oasis of calm, select soft, fluffy blankets and plenty of squishy, luxurious pillows. Opt for natural colors and fibers such as cotton, linen, hemp fabric and real down feather comforters. These materials are healthier for you because they let your skin breathe better than synthetic cloth. Long story short, your bed should look like a place you want to jump into and spend hours in.

The Right Size Mattress

Decorating your bed to promote relaxation is just the icing on the cake, as you must choose the right mattress for the sleep you need. When selecting a mattress, take into consideration the position you sleep in. If you usually sleep on your back or stomach, a firmer mattress will do you well, whereas side sleepers benefit from a softer cushion that envelopes their body's curves. Also, be sure your mattress size fits your body, as you'll never get a decent night of sleep on a bed that's too small.

A Comfortable Book Nook

If you're an introvert that enjoys a good book, consider ditching the bright light of a computer for a cozy book nook in your bedroom corner. With a few shelves, a comfortable chair and a blanket, you'll have the perfect spot to unwind after a hectic day. If you don't have a lot of corner space, place shelves vertically up the side of your wall. This gives your bedroom corner a library-like feel that's as pleasing to the eyes as it is for the soul.

Plush Rugs and Carpeting

Another way to add a layer of softness to your bedroom is with plush rugs or carpeting. If you have hardwood floors, a fluffy throw rug by your bedside is almost a must for an easy start to your day. Other floor coverings that create tranquility are faux fur and Turkish rugs in warm colors. Even if you already have wall-to-wall carpeting, layering with an accent runner creates a look of softness and quiet that no one can resist.

If you're an introvert, build a bedroom that's gentle to the senses. With soothing paint colors, warm lighting and irresistible linens, your bedroom will be the best place in the house.



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