déjà vu means ”already seen” by kerminator .....

Just how do we come to know so many different things in life?

Date:   5/8/2022 4:31:18 PM ( 3 mon ago)

Most people have lost their understanding of the real purpose of their eternal existence! Even though they have access to so much of this eternal language form, they are foiled by intentional deceptions - so they flounder thru being distracted!

How and why does this become a matter of fact?

It all goes back to the premise that even though knowledge is free and available - it is most often hidden, distorted, misrepresented, twisted into present the present false application!

The word "free" has been one of the most corrupt forms to control and take things from others! Have you ever been offered some special things " Free "? Only to find out later-it was not as advertised! These are the common lies and deception of such misleading words!

The ole adage of " Buyer Be Ware! " Rings true! Yet we still see and hear about many such "rip-offs" today!

These are forms of memory which lead to personal déjà vu
from your knowledge!
Mainly because of the desire to have, get or want such special controlling things!
This type of action is part of the " Greed Factor or desire " which drives so many people!

Just stop by many if not all: Bars, Race tracks, Casinos, Sporting Events, Lottery tickets Booths plus many other forms of indulgence!


*** {Having traveled several million air-miles to mach of the world.
Once during a mid- nite lay over in Las Vegas returning to the east coast; I got off and played the 24 Hr Airport Casino just kill some time and make some money! - So I know this for a fact!}

I have a serious travel log having served in US Navy, Working with USGS, worked as Electrical Engineer on many Large Major Computer systems around the world!

So over time I have seen and experienced some such déjà vu - moments!

Think on your back ground; have you had any déjà vu moments?

Reply with as déjà vu stories you know!

See Ya!


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