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Itís long past time to question a fundamental premise of online life: What if people weren't able to say so much, to so many, so often? i.e. Learn to choose your words and relay mean it!

Date:   4/29/2022 2:33:45 PM ( 7 mon ago)

Where are we going so fast?


What is the real truth as to Where are we going?

One of the oldest and most known form of truthful information is found in the book of Proverbs.

Proverbs 18:21, reads:
" Death and life are in the power of the tongue."- Simply, it tells you how words are simply either positive or negative, or else creative or destructive - containers of though!

Therefore it is necessary to think or speak them on purpose. We should learn how to speak or think using God's wisdom from His Words found in the Bible!

Because once you follow the knowledge from the Proverbs of God, your life will change and never be the same again! Try it!

If you find yourself struggling with be Negative or Critical and being Judgmental learn how to renew your mind and outlook! Seek the Truthful Words of God which show how it
has helped people to change and renew their lives!

This will not happen over night so therefore you must be methodical and purposeful in getting the Truth in your life! Each day you can and will make some progress if you take time to follow the Supreme Intelligence in Existence from Biblical Study!

I have done it, as well as millions of people thru out the ages, just learn to Pray for guidance!

Seek and follow the whole Truth and it will set you free from all the bondage of this Earth!


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