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If you never really worked toward some needed or valuable goal; your efforts will be wasted on frivolous games and things! Keep it simple and directed toward your purposed gouls!

Date:   4/28/2022 4:04:18 PM ( 7 mon ago)

We all need proper direction in our life journey! We all should be keyed into a plan and purpose. Yet when you look at much of the activity in the world - It seemed to have been squandered on mostly wasted time and energy!

I was exposed to the principle of being honest while attempting to go in the right directions. It was never been glamorous or popular. Rather it was a constant battle! So while seeking the truth and then Keeping the faith has been the answer and motivational!

Our battle in life goes to those who seek to follow the true facts of the actual situation. Learn how adjust your course by keeping your pathway toward your desired goals! Because just doing this or that type of thinking will not prove very helpful in achieving your goals!!

Wisdom will always lead dumb luck! Who wants to just wonder thru a life of wasted effort and sad happening?

Now have followed true wisdom! Much of history and the general path of humans has been wasted on selfish actives and caused much sadness and heartaches!

The choice is yours!

While I have come to know that the world is not perfect. We must each take turns with the truth before us! So all desires will become true; we should how to live it as best we can! Our life here is not about being perfect or even happy - It is about coming to learn how to deal with the circumstances of life!

BTW: There is no magic answer or any set of rules which will give 100% total satisfaction!

If you have ever read history then you should have seen that the real purpose of being here is to help others and learning how to love your neighbor!

We will continue with more on how and why we are living this earthly existence!

Stop back and or post your reply!

{ Back later as we seek the true directions}


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