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What are normal blood pressure numbers? A normal blood pressure level is less than 120/80 mmHg.1 No matter your age, you can take steps each day to keep your blood pressure in a healthy range.

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What can I do to prevent or manage high blood pressure?

Many people with high blood pressure can lower their blood pressure into a healthy range or keep their numbers in a healthy range by making lifestyle changes. Talk with your health care team about

Getting at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week (about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week)
Not smoking
Eating a healthy diet, including limiting sodium (salt) and alcohol
Keeping a healthy weight
Managing stress

Learn more about ways to manage and prevent high blood pressure.

In addition to making positive lifestyle changes, some people with high blood pressure need to take medicine to manage their blood pressure. Learn more about medicines for high blood pressure.

Talk with your health care team right away if you think you have high blood pressure or if you’ve been told you have high blood pressure but do not have it under control.

By taking action to lower your blood pressure, you can help protect yourself against heart disease and stroke, also sometimes called cardiovascular disease (CVD).


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