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The time between high school and college is very important in your teenís life. Whether itís the summer or longer, this time should not be put to waist. Here are some ways to prepare your kids for college after high school.

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The time between high school and college is very important in your teen’s life. Whether it’s the summer or longer, this time should not be put to waist. Here are some ways to prepare your kids for college after high school.

Have Them Spend Time Reading 

Reading keeps the mind sharp. Reading will help keep your teen’s brain ready to take on their first year of college, a challenging endeavor. Plus, reading teaches you new words. Increasing vocabulary is a great thing to do before college. 

Reading can be beneficial, whether it’s fiction or nonfiction. Use nonfiction books to learn about possible career choices. Fiction can teach empathy, a great trait to have when heading off to college. 

Have Them Take a Class

Educational endeavors don’t have to be academic based. Classes that teach life skills can be so beneficial if your teen is heading off to school and leaving the nest. Plus, learning keeps the brain sharp and ready to take on the rigorous world of academia.

Classes can be in anything that can teach an important skill. Cooking classes or nutrition classes can go far as your teen endeavors to cook for themselves. Basic car repair could also save a lot of stress and heartache down the line, when a tire goes flat or a car needs oil. Basic sewing skills, budgeting and even cleaning are all skills your student should take the time to learn before leaving home. 

Have Your Child Take Some Time Off

Another consideration that some parents shy away from is allowing their young adult to take time off from school. Some kids don’t know what they want to do though, so taking time before starting school can have advantages when it comes to self discovery and horizon broadening. The best gap year programs out there allow your teen to learn more about life and themselves before choosing a career path. 

Gap years can also mean a chance to travel. Traveling and spending time abroad can help your child understand how big the world is. Travel creates a desire to learn and grow, both important things before starting college 

Have Your Teen Volunteer

If not traveling, volunteering is another great way teens can spend the time between high school and college. Volunteering is such an important opportunity to give back. Volunteering for a nonprofit or charity can instill a sense of confidence and desire to serve the community. 

Volunteering in an organization that could be a part of a prospective career path is another option. If your teen is unsure of what they want to do with their life, volunteering can help them figure it out. If they are sure, volunteering at an organization that aligns with their career path can help them build a solid foundation before starting college. 

Have Them Get a Summer Job

Getting a summer job is another great way that your teen can spend the time before college. A job will help instill a sense of responsibility. Jobs can also teach important skills, no matter what career field your student heads into. 

Jobs in customer service can be especially beneficial. Helping customers helps develop people skills, which are very important in life. A job in customer service can also help students empathize with those who work in customer service. It’s a hard industry to work in and kindness for service workers is a trait every young adult should have. 

Encourage Them to do Their Own Chores

Another great way to prepare your student for school is to have them do their own chores at home before they head off. Doing their own laundry, cleaning their own space, doing dishes and kitchen clean-up are great places to start. This is especially true if someone else has been doing these chores for them their entire life. It’s important that your student knows how to do these things for themselves before leaving home. 

From getting a job to doing their own laundry, there are so many ways that you can prepare your student for college before they leave home. 



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