How is your imagination lately? by kerminator .....

Imaginations is found and used over a dozen times in the O.T. ** In the Spiritiual realm you will find the power and reason for it!

Date:   4/7/2022 3:12:36 AM ( 14 mon ago)

Most people seldom realize that your imagination is where you conceive your picture thoughts!

Visual painted images in your mind which allow you to conceive and come up with understanding!

This lead or tend you to act out many of these projected images in your thoughts and actions! This can be both good or beneficial if used correctly!

Or it can led some people into temptations which can cause us trouble or danger later in life! his is not necessary if you learn to watch and listen to your inter self! It is not necessary for you to just Sin and go the wrong way!

This is possible because you can get and keep your mind to stay tuned upon the whole purpose of living a clean life in a dirty world.

If this has led you to be confused then it is past time to seek and receive the whole truth which will help set you free!


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