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Learn some effective strategies to help grow your physical rehabilitation practice below.

Date:   3/21/2022 3:48:28 AM ( 7 mon ago)

Today, physical therapy clinics can be found across the U.S. If you search for these facilities, you are sure to find more than a few options nearby.

If you operate a physical therapy clinic, you likely have a bit of competition to deal with. Because of this, you must find ways to stand out and continue to grow your practice. While offering services like therapy for a spinal cord injury and ongoing patient care are a great start, it’s important to think outside the box. Learn some effective strategies to help grow your physical rehabilitation practice below.

Create an Online Presence

In the past, the only way to gain more patients and increase awareness of your services was word of mouth and other traditional marketing methods. However, this simply isn’t the case today, thanks to technology and the internet. You can now reach potential customers with a well-built, quality website.

Think about it, when you go anywhere, what do you take along? For most people, their phone is included in this list. Also, since most people start their search for a service provider online, being present is a must.

Now is a good time to have a professionally designed website created. It’s also smart to create a social media presence for your practice. This will ensure that your practice can be found when someone searches for physical therapy solutions.

Keep Your Relevant 

The healthcare industry isn’t static. New scientific breakthroughs are announced every day, and you likely attend seminars, conferences, and other industry events regularly. Now is the time to stay relevant and learn the latest innovations to ensure your practice remains relevant.

If you stay relevant, it means that your practice will be able to keep up with modern demands. It also means that patients will trust you more because your clinic is updated with the latest technology and methods. It will also make it easier for you to market to your patients. Remaining relevant will apply to the medical side of your practice and the way you market your business.

Request and Use Feedback

One of the best and most effective ways to grow your physical therapy practice is by requesting and using customer feedback. If you have a website, you can request that your customers leave feedback there.

Most people will be more willing to book an appointment with your clinic if plenty of positive feedback is available. You shouldn’t be afraid of the negative feedback you receive. If your entire feedback section is filled with positive statements, it may begin to feel fake to potential patients. It will also give the impression that your practice is just buying reviews.

Instead of ignoring negative feedback, respond with an apology and let them know that you will reach out directly to discuss their situation and feelings. This shows other patients you care and that you want to provide a positive experience.

Request Referrals 

Many medical providers don’t have the power or reach that bigger companies do. They may not have the resources to purchase airtime, either. Most don’t have the manpower for launching nationwide marketing campaigns either, at least not in a traditional sense.

Therefore, you have likely relied on word of mouth for years to grow your business. Now you can take things a step further to build a network from your current pool of clients. You don’t have to wait for your patients to share information about your practice. Instead, you can be more direct and request referrals. You even have the option to partner with other service providers, like other surgeons and doctors, who can refer patients that need physical therapy to your office.

If you want to effectively grow your physical therapy practice, it is important to keep the tips above in mind. While these efforts may not provide results overnight, as time passes, you can greatly benefit from them and what they offer. 


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