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Such a tool as an IBAN account belongs to the international numbering system.

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Such a tool as an IBAN account belongs to the international numbering system. It is needed in Europe and all over the world to identify the recipient in cross-border transfers of money and similar types of activities. The total length of this number should not exceed 34 characters including an ISO code of the country at the beginning, number of bank and account, etc. That means that an IBAN account is always unique and can be generated in your online account very easily.

The benefits of an IBAN account for businessmen

Why do you need an IBAN account as an owner of the company? Explore the following benefits of operating through it:

Transfer money easily

Money can be sent instantly via this tool both inside the country and abroad. Transactions may be saved and made at the appropriate time.

Use multiple accounts

When your company is expanding you can use Genome Account and create up to 5 IBANs in USD, GBP, and EURTransfer money between them conveniently.

Special Debit Cards

If you wish you can get a card, or activate it online. The access is instant and all the options are available in both cases.

Analyze your activity

After creating a Genome Account and getting a merchant account you can accept payments, analyze clients and their behavior, optimize procedures and create special pages for them.

Introduce team-management

Your employees may have access to the created online account securely. Therefore, you can share the tasks and work together.

Stay well-protected and secured

Genome provides all the necessary measures to protect you from fraudsters and scammers. Thus, you do not have to worry about funds and transactions.

Open an IBAN account in a few steps

How to create and start to use your IBAN account? You need to register on the Genome website and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Sign up to the system providing the phone number or email.
  2. Fill in the data for verification of your identity.
  3. Upload the documents for proof of ownership.
  4. Open IBAN account at the corresponding menu and enjoy all its advantages in one place.

Remember that your IBAN account can be fully operated online via the web version. The everyday control is also possible thanks to the Genome App. So you can always stay in touch and get all the information about the financial activity of your company. That will help you to grow the business and stay a successful merchant without time- and money-consuming measures. 


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