Why do we do what we did? A help guide! by kerminator .....

Life is a dynamic ongoing procedure and tied to learning and seeking the hopefully truth and hopefully moving toward betterment!

Date:   10/18/2021 2:07:12 PM ( 14 mon ago)

We all respond in various ways to all the different things present throughout our life!

This will be a review and hopefully a learning lesson for you all.

To " do ' is to perform or come up with a response to many of the various things that we encounter in our lives.

Much of life is mundane or routine as we move forward - but this is not the only pathway we must travel! Often it goes from the good, the bad, and the ugly folks. So let's stop look and listen, folks! It is your life and future that depends upon it!

We will examine and note certain happenings in our past! You have a vast data log of experience, if you are over a few years old, therefore stop and reflect on what happened when and why!

Here is where things get very interesting and maybe even dull. But it is your life and everyone has some experience, let,s look at some here!

Much of our activities are laced with both our personal experiences as well as those we share with others who cross our pathway! This is where it gets tricky and sticky!

Human life is based upon both external events and our road of life-based upon our choices. Here is where many of our decisions go a stray! Much of life comes from " Who Said what - when and why? " S0 the problem comes from all around us, like being drenched in a heavy down pour of rain! We just have to adjust and fine the better course of action!

Some of the things that I have experienced:

1) As a young boy, living with my Grand parents down in south GA, living next to RXR.
Learned how to walk the rails and understand how the rail siding worked, plus got to see the " Put Put's or (The small gas driven rail cars)

2) Was able to walk down the RXR siding with my Grandfather to learn how to hunt Quail.

3) Learned how to help work on cars and do some gardening back of the house!

4) Got my first real 26 inch bike and road it to school 2 blocks away! We ha d Collie Dog who would go to school, and then wait until we got out
of school!

5) We went fishing either down on the River or at some farm ponds! These were some of the things done as we lived here!

6) There were several other things I learned while down in south GA - Learned and fired my first firearm, learned how to drive tractors and spent time getting to know much of the wildlife!

7) Had my first contest with a young woman, who jumped me on the playground at school in the 4th grade. Came to join the church on an alter call at local Methodist Church!

** Life changes as we learn how to adapt!


There is really no magic folks - just an on going set of events which compile to make our limited life! Learn to observe and choose well - because it is your life!

Stop back as we look at more things done!


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