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Most people today are so tied up in all the events of the modern world - that they have never accepted the " Greatest Calling " of their lives. Why? because they never learned to Stop, Look and Listen! I learned this at the RXR crossing down by my Grandparent' house down in south GA at the age of 12. It has taught me many things of eternal lifelong experience!

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Blog: Forgotten Words!
by kerminator

How great a calling?

** Most people become so tied up in their life that they tend to miss the actual or real reason for their eternal existence!

Date: 9/6/2020
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Who or what exactly is running your life?

So where is your soul?

Looking in Mark 1:16-18
When Jesus came to Andrew and Simon fishing, and he called them; " Come Follow Me! " - they left their nets and followed him!

We find that, just getting the calling of the Lord Christ on the shore of the the Sea of Galilee was a powerful event! Few people actually receive a personal calling from the Lord Jesus in person!

As great as this revelation was, promptly required an immediate positive response. Thus you should see and understand why they quickly accepted and followed!

But was there something else that prompted and prepared them to follow Jesus - was it something a little more " human? "

The Bible does not tell much about Simon and Andrew, except they had met Jesus earlier on the Jordan River in {John 1:35-42}. So we can understand how excited they were to be called!

Because at this time in history, that the Jewish people eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Messiah. As was John the Baptist was preaching along the Jordan River area!

Thus when the call came, both men were quick to drop their nets to follow! This is how people generally respond to such a dynamic event in their lives!

If and when God puts something on your heart as great and eternally significant as this calling - just how are you going to respond?

If you truly believe this, then you should be ready to drop whatever you are doing and start to accept and follow!



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