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** Most of the problems are due to people not really reasoning or investigating the situation before them and then just jumping upon the next passing popular idea! Popular has never been a very reliable way or method to answer or help with your personal needs! Stop, Look and Listen will serve you better than "they said" or what some popular pole shows!

Date:   10/2/2021 2:14:50 AM ( 18 mon ago)

Things in life are seldom what they first appear! Why?

People like to exaggerate or pump up things that happen in their life. It is almost like a major sporting event where almost any and everything is done to make the game look better!

What is happening?

Mainly people are attempting to look better than they really are or could be! They use a vary of many tricks, talents, events, stories, and even just plain ole falsehoods to look better!

People are crude and crass when it comes to attempting to want to look GOOD! They have used almost everything known to mankind to get their pie of the popular pie!

What or why is this so?

Mainly because of people intrinsic desire to look good or have a more sensation presentation than everyone else! It it just greed gone to seed?

What each of us must do is try to learn that being number one is not our most important activity in life! Yet it had been the key to the most used avenue toward greatness in the human existence!

Really only hard work is the key to a better image and help in being better in life!

You should try it some time!
" I did! "


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